Saturday, October 31, 2015

Home Office Ideas for a Wonderful Workspace

Working from home has become more commonplace than ever, as corporate employees are now joining the ranks of freelancers and self-employed business owners who don't clock in at a common workplace. According to The Business Insider, major corporations such as IBM, Xerox, United Health Group and Apple offer numerous work from home opportunities posted on telecommuting job seeking sites such as FlexJobs. Regardless of how you hone your skills and knowledge to work remotely, a functional, inspiring workspace can help boost your enthusiasm and increase your productivity.

The space where I generate ideas about coordinating color schemes, mixing different fabric patterns or combining various furniture styles is inhabited by an eclectic mix of collectibles and sentimental gifts. Japanese Geisha dolls, an incense burning dragon and a jellyfish encased in glass live among peacock feathers and a jumbo cocktail glass serving as a candle holder on the topmost shelf of my desk. Sugar skulls and mementos from my daughter fill the cubbies. A large potted tree warms the corner by my mini home office consisting of a desk with hutch and rolling cart printer stand..

I don't need a lot of space as a writer or a decorator. I prefer my desktop PC as most interior design  programs are still PC based and I work best and fastest with a roller ball mouse. I have a large desktop that allows me to spread out papers, pictures or other materials if I need to. With plenty of storage for tools and office supplies, everything I need to work is right in front of me. And this workspace is completely accessible, being that I am disabled. While decorative elements may not be a necessity in a home office, they make your work area feel more inviting, creating a space you'll want to spend more time in.

Although this wall in my spacious master bedroom provides a comfortable and inviting work area for a writer/interior decorator, my dream workspace would look more like this:






This awe inspiring workspace was built by graphic designer, Peter Daniel Frazier, who realized he could downsize his office to a laptop computer and iPhone. Doubling as a guest house, Frazier named his serene home office 'The Cube.' The standing desk offers respite from a sore back or bum, which can occur when sitting for hours. When the feet call for a time-out, a few comfortable seating options come in to play.

If you don't have access to breathtaking forest views, a beautiful garden or courtyard can also suffice for a thought provoking, contemplative atmosphere. For anyone who enjoys nature, beautiful landscapes and the feeling of being outdoors, an office with a view can inspire an uplifting mood.

Eclectic Home Office by Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Luci.D Interiors

If tranquil, outdoor views are simply not an option -- a likely occurrence in many cases, bring the natural world inside your workspace. Organic textures and neutral or earthtone colors make a room feel comforting, welcoming and inviting. Create an atmosphere you'll want to linger in. Add some greenery with a couple of live plants or fill an empty corner with a large potted palm or broad leaf tropical plant. Plants help recycle indoor air, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Check out the top 10 air purifying plants as noted on the green lifestyle blog, WebEcoist. If the room lacks a window with a view, hang a large photo or painting with a scenic view.

via Decoist

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For the ultimate 'green office,' a vertical garden or living plant wall can make you feel less cooped up and incites a sense of being outdoors in the presence of lush greenery. Add an indoor fountain and transform your workspace into an inviting oasis.

Contemporary Home Office by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Martin Hulala

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 If you have an office window with a less than stellar view, a bohemian inspired window garden can inject a little warmth and personality.
via Moon to Moon
While the individuality of a home office can be tailored to inspire the independent freelancer or telecommuting corporate employee, startup entrepreneurs who need to collaborate with a team of like-minded supporters might need a workspace that is central to an urban location. Teamwork can also require more space than a home office provides and sometimes crosses international boundaries. Organizations such as WeWork offer even more flexibility for the unconventional work force of the modern world, providing shared office space in major cities across the United States and overseas locations in Europe and Israel.

Getting paid to do something you love can help take the work out of a job, especially when you're in an uplifting environment that inspires productivity and creative freedom.


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