Thursday, August 21, 2014

Decorating a Bedroom with Blue & Red

Decorating with colors that seem unrelated can be tricky. Blue and red are not part of the same color family, nor are they complementary opposites. However, if you pay attention to the undertones and the saturation or intensity of each color, a successful combination in a color scheme becomes much easier to pull off. Using colors in a decorating theme can also help you discover other ways in which they relate to each other.

Nautical & Coastal Colors

Combine blue and red in a nautical color scheme. Images such as anchors, coral, boats, life preservers and light houses may contain bright accents of red. Blue and white striped patterns create a crisp contrast on an area rug or upholstered chair. Paint a bright blue accent wall behind the bed. Brightly colored nautical flags in red white and blue can be represented in framed art or on accent pillows. Include a few neutral hues in white, beige, brown and tan. Add organic texture with elements such as a wooden navigation wheel, rope or wooden paddles.

The combination of blue and red mixed with white also brings to mind a coastal color scheme. Bright red fishing nets, red blooms in window boxes and red roof tops on cottages contrast brightly against the blue of sea and sky. Paint wood furniture in bold hues of blue. Use a light shade of blue on walls for a light, summery feel. Include bright red pin striping or a red floral print on accent pillows. Add a small, rustic touch with a bright red kerosene lantern.

Patriotic and Traditional

The Americana and patriotic feelings associated with red and blue, as the primary colors on the American flag, are deep-seated in tradition and American culture. These bold, primary colors are also commonly found in country style quilting fabric, area rugs and plaid or checked fabric patterns used on upholstery, linens and accent pillows. Decorate a country style bedroom with quilts or bedspreads featuring red, white and blue patterns.  Add a patriotic feel with accent pillows featuring rustic flag fabric or hang a rustic flag tapestry on the wall.

Boys Bedrooms

Blue and red are a common color scheme for boys’ bedrooms. Many teams in Major League Baseball feature red and blue jerseys. These colors are also often associated with airplanes, boats and race cars; classic motifs for a boy’s bedroom. Superman and Spiderman, popular comic book heroes, both wear suits of blue and red. Use these colors on bedding, whether mixed together in a plaid print or solid blocks of red and blue on a comforter or quilt. Blue walls are befitting of a boy’s bedroom, which can be accented with a bright red cabinet or bedframe.