Monday, February 10, 2014

Decorating Ideas for Evening Parties

Decorative table decor and additional accent lighting can do wonders to enhance your home for entertaining. Coordinating your decor with color or a common theme can be a fun way to get creative with your evening festivities. Although dining rooms and patios are the obvious areas to focus on when decorating for a party, don’t forget to spruce up the bathroom and especially the foyer, so that guests feel they are walking in to something special.

Elegant Table Centerpieces

Dress up your dining table or patio table with an elegant centerpiece. Centerpieces can easily be created with materials around your home and clippings from your yard. You can also gather supplies from thrift stores, dollar stores, yard sales or even grocery stores. Look for inexpensive glass vases and bowls. Fill them with whole citrus fruit or a combination of whole fruit and round slices. Citrus fruit can also stabilize tall floral stems in mixed centerpiece arrangements. Fill glass containers with varying levels of water and add floating candles and flower blossoms picked right out of your garden or backyard. Use seasonal produce, such as pumpkins, gourds and squashes in fall or fresh berries in spring in combination with candles and other tabletop décor. Place centerpiece materials along a table runner, on a decorative serving tray or on an inexpensive mirror.


Set the Mood with Accent Lighting

Evening parties are perfect opportunities for decorative accent lighting. Candles provide excellent accent lighting and the light produced by the flame can be further enhanced with candle lanterns or hurricane shades. Use candles on the table, in the bathroom, in wall sconces and wherever there is a dark corner. Use scented candles to enhance the room’s aroma. Display Moroccan lanterns with jewel toned shades or intricately pierced metal shades that cast beautiful shadows along ceilings and walls. Hang the lanterns from tree branches in the yard. Run string lights around the perimeter of a covered porch or patio or hang paper lanterns from the ceiling either indoors or outdoors. Much of accent lighting for parties and entertaining can be illuminated with energy efficient LED bulbs, including candle lanterns. LED lights are safer than candles or incandescent lights because they stay cool.

Don't forget areas such as bathrooms and foyers when adding accent lighting to an evening party.

Color Themed Décor

An easy way to spruce up your party décor is to choose a color theme. A monochromatic scheme in any chosen color is a super simple way to coordinate table linens, tableware, centerpieces and other decorative accents. Food and drink can also included in your color themed décor. Serve cocktails that match the chosen hues or add a little food coloring to something like a piña colada. Submersible colored LED lights can be placed in cocktail glasses for a whimsical way to add color to drinks.

Menu Themed Parties

When trying to come up with decorating ideas for your next adult party, let the menu become the inspiration for decorative décor. Turn a Mexican dinner into a fiesta with brightly colored serveware, sombreros or colorful serapes draped over chair backs and jumbo Margarita glasses filled with colorful tissue paper flowers.

Create an ocean themed table scape for a seafood inspired menu. Scatter seashells among candles along a table runner. A clamshell filled with a small amount of sand and a tealight candle makes an interesting place setting centerpiece guests can keep if they choose to.

Embellish an Asian themed party with folding paper fans placed across each place setting and paper parasol umbrellas propped up on furniture or extra chairs. Arrange miniature Pagoda style lanterns, polished stones, vases of bamboo and small Buddha figurines sitting on decorative boxes as a table centerpiece anchored on bamboo mats. Fill Chinese take-out boxes with take home party favors.

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Wine Themed Parties

Dress up a wine themed party with wine bottle hurricane shades and wine bottle flower vases as table centerpieces. Wine glass candle holders can be made by partially filling the glass with small colored glass beads and inserting a votive candle in the middle or the glass can be turned upside down with a flower placed underneath and a candle placed on the inverted base. Use large serving trays to set out samples of cheese, nuts, grapes and chocolate.
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