Sunday, May 12, 2013

Updating a Traditional Style Home

Traditional style home furnishings have stood the test of time, providing comfortable interiors with an appeal that has lasted for generations, as many homes decorated in traditional style are filled with heirlooms and vintage family furnishings. Others simply prefer the look of period furniture and the elegant settings created by traditional décor. Updating a traditional style home with modern and contemporary design elements results in a blended style known as transitional design.

Balance the Room with Neutral Colors 

Create a relaxed and comfortable environment with neutral hues in a monochromatic scheme. Browse through paint chips in shades of brown, taupe, grey and white for inspiration on coordinated neutrals. Tone on tone patterns with varying textures create a sophisticated yet understated look. A neutral color scheme is an easy way to create balance and harmony, which you will need when creating a transitional style room.

Choose a Few Contemporary Furniture Pieces

Look for contemporary furniture that will tie in with your traditional pieces. For example, if you want a more updated look in your dining room but can’t bear to part with your mahogany Chippendale dining table, look for contemporary chairs with sweeping curves that will work with the table’s cabriole legs and a finish that will complement the lacquered mahogany of the table. In the living room, look for a modern coffee table that will pair well with your traditional couch and chairs. Cover traditional furniture with modern upholstery. Tie the styles together with similar forms, textures or colors.


Add Some Modern Accessories

Bring a contemporary look into a traditional room with a few modern accessories. Display colorful art glass on floating wall shelves. Replace traditional curtains with contemporary shades. Add a few contemporary sculptures to a traditional coffee table. Accent a traditional style sofa with pillows featuring modern fabric. Place contemporary end tables near traditional seating or update a traditional chandelier with a modern hanging pendant.

Harmonizing the space and creating unity with similar elements in furniture and décor will help you blend traditional and contemporary with amazing success!