Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Post- Lorena Benchis- Passionate DIY Decorator

I would like to thank Lorena Benchis, a passionate, DIY amature decorator and writer from the United Kingdom, who wanted to share her love and admiration for natural wood in interior design. Ok, take it from here, Lorena!

Let it be all wood.

There are few, if any, materials as natural to us homo-sapiens as wood. It provides our most basic material for building, for furnishings and for fuel – and has done so for a few hundred thousand years now! Perhaps that’s why we still love the look and feel of natural wood in our homes today when it’s no longer actually needed. There are always substitutes, but there’s nothing that looks and feels quite the same – and there’s surely no material that’s quite as comforting to body and spirit.

An increasing number of people are now going for the all-wooden look. Staring from a base (literally) of a natural-finish wooden floor with real wood throughout, or real wood veneers, they build up to include a range of furnishings in the same wood finish, color and style and let it run throughout the whole house. The overall effect of this wooden look is simply stunning. What’s more, it’s kind of safe; you know it’s going to last as long as you want it to, you know it’s going to look great, and you know it’s going to feel homey in a way that nothing else quite manages to.

by coco+kelley on Flickr
by IDA Interior LifeStyle on Flickr

If you can keep a coordinated style of wood throughout your home – this will really help with the overall interior design motif. There are many ranges of furnishings now available in 100% natural oak; a myriad of designs from traditional to contemporary. Consequently, you can choose a range of solid oak furniture that blends perfectly with everything. Whether you live in a country home, in suburbia, or in a city center apartment, wood blends well with any style.

Picking out a range that complements your home can include everything from sideboards to beds, kitchen tables to oak wardrobes, coffee tables, dining tables and occasional items – all with the same overall look and design that will work wonders in any home setting.

Lorena Benchis is an internet freelancer with a passion for interior design and DIY. Working from home, I get plenty of time for my own little DIY projects and I’m looking to share my wisdom in the blogosphere.

Who doesn't love wood in a home? Great job, Lorena!

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