Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fabulous Accent Walls

Accent walls add interest to a room and provide an impressive backdrop for focal points. An accent wall is also a safe and effective way to add color, pattern and texture to a large area without overwhelming the space.

In the bedroom, enhance the wall behind your bed with a dark hue to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. The color will help draw the eye toward the bed and enhance it's features. Choose a color that's in your bedding pattern, accent pillows or wall art.

Eclectic Bedroom design by Other Metros Interior Designer Cecilia Staniec

Metallic wallpaper makes a stunning statement in the dining room. The light reflecting qualities of the paper enhance the sparkle and shine of a dining room chandelier. This space is made for entertaining and a metallic wallpaper accent wall is a perfect way to show off  with class!

Modern Dining Room design by London Photographer David Churchill - Architectural Photographer

The accent wall in this living room helps define the high cathedral ceiling and adds emphasis to the large picture window, the sofa and the decorative ceiling fan. Use accent walls to enhance architectural features or to add depth or height to a wall.   

Contemporary Kitchen design by San Francisco Interior Designer Lisa Benbow - Garnish Designs

Accent walls can be any size and can be created with a variety of mediums including paint, textured paint, wallpaper, fabric, ceiling tiles, ceramic tiles, mirrors, glass blocks, brick, stone or wood panels. Faux panels with a wood or stone veneer can be used on walls that otherwise could not support heavy building materials.

Contemporary Bedroom design by San Francisco Interior Designer Jeffers Design Group

Walls can go far beyond just being structural elements that support the roof. Walls are important design elements that set the tone for how a room will ultimately look and feel. What you put on walls can make  you feel like they are closing in on you or create an open, peaceful, serene environment. Get inspired by the creative designers who use accent walls to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space!