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Home Decorating Themes Part 5- Tropical

I love tropical decorating styles. My blog and website are good indicators of how much this style appeals to me. If you can't live in a tropical paradise, you can certainly capture the essence of this region and bring it into your home.
Tropical, island and beach themes are popular decorating styles that aren't just limited to homes in warm climates or near the ocean. This casual, laid-back style fits in well with contemporary homes.  Many eclectic style homes also embrace the exotic, natural elements found in tropical style decor.
Bold, Colorful Kitchen eclectic kitchen
A tropical decorating theme can also be eco-friendly, as much of the natural wood that grows in tropical regions is considered sustainable, meaning the material is easy to renew.  Many fast-growing, tropical materials include: 
  • Bamboo
  • Teak
  • Rattan
  • Jute
  • Abaca
These types of plants can actually thrive with regular harvesting,  which promotes rapid regrowth.

Although many tropical style homes have a casual or contemporary feel, this style can also work in a more traditional setting, as you can see in the beautifully designed room below:

Todd Peddicord Portfolio traditional family room

The abundance of natural elements found in tropical style decor provides many rich and varied textures, such as wicker. Wicker furniture is constructed using materials such as rattan and other tropical grasses that are tightly woven together.

Bamboo poles also have a very unique texture with their jointed segments. Tropical grasses such as jute and abaca can be made into rugs, textured wallpaper and mats that have wonderful, earthy textures.

Notice all the great textures in this beachy bedroom, including the lamp, window treatments, storage baskets and chair:

Kids Beach Room tropical kids

 In addition to all the beautiful natural tropical wood found  in this style of decorating, you will see lots and lots of greenery. Tropical palms and ferns are the first to come to mind.  Other exotic tropical plants that make great decorative accessories include umbrella plants, rubber plants, banana trees, bromeliads and birds of paradise, which are flowering plants such as the one pictured in the tropical bathroom below:
Fleming Guest Bath tropical bathroom

Ownby Design tropical living room
 Tropical color schemes also include a pallet of natural colors in shades of blue, green, brown, coral, beige, tan, yellow and white.  These  colors are often associated with the beach or the ocean as well.  You can also add a few bold  accent colors in shades of red, orange or purple to represent the vivid tropical flowering plants found throughout the world.

Red makes a bold accent color in the following tropical bedrooms:

Nantucket in So Cal tropical bedroom
Newport Beach Project contemporary bedroom
contemporary bedroom design by orange county interior designer Jessica Bennett Interiors

 A tropical design scheme is perfect for those who want to bring natural elements and warmth into their home.  It's a way to create your own private retreat to escape the stress and pressure of the outside world.

There are numerous ways to create a tropical atmosphere in a room. Lots of natural lighting, light colors and an abundance of greenery can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Sun Room traditional porch
traditional porch design by san francisco interior designer ADEENI DESIGN GROUP

It's nice to know you can incorporate a tropical theme into almost any style of home, whether it's modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic.  While it may not be possible to escape to some tropical island when you need to unwind, it is possible to create a resort style atmosphere somewhere in your very own home.

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Justin said...

I'm really digging the home decor accents of these rooms. The one by Todd Peddicord is very well done. The map adds a nice touch to the room. I've got something similar to it from World to Home. Maps are such underrated decoration items.