Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Decorating Themes Part 2- French Country Style

French country style interior design shares similar elements with Tuscan style decor. Both styles have Old World European influences and Mediterranean inspirations.What makes French country style unique is the shabby chic, cottage style, antique look of furnishings and decor with a distressed finish. Both traditional and romantic, French country is a casual yet elegant decorating style embraced by many American homes today.

A French country color palette reflects the natural colors found in the warm, sunny French countryside. Bright yellow brings to mind the cheerful sunflower filled fields under the pale blue southern French sky. Soft, pale purple hues are reminiscent of French lavender fields, mixed with bright, red orange accents representing the colorful poppies scattered throughout the rural countryside.Traditional neutral tones such as beige, cream and ivory are seen in the aged plaster walls of old French country farmhouses and the distressed finish of quaint, cottage style furniture.

French country furniture is both rustic and casual, featuring a lot of wrought iron, distressed metal and hand carved wood. Both wood and metal furnishings are often painted in white, ivory or a light pastel color. The finish will be cracked and speckled giving the furniture a timeworn, antique appearance.

Floral fabrics in bright, vivid colors are common, as is the Toile de Jouy pattern. Toile is a French word meaning "cloth". It is typically a repeating pattern on a light background, often showing people engaged in various activities, plants, animals or a combination of all.

Roosters are often featured in French country motifs,along with other farm animals such as chickens, cows and pigs. A French country kitchen may have copper cookware displayed in hanging pot racks, French ceramic pottery and wine bottles stored on a rustic, wrought iron bakers rack and a vase of fresh cut lavender or sunflowers taking center stage on a rustic wood dining table.

Consider adding some French country charm to your home:

Baker's Style Wine And Glass Rack

Arched-Top Wall Mirror

Country Rooster Serving Bowl

French Chateau Candle Lamp

French Flower Cart Plant Stand

Graceful Antiqued Cabinet

Hen Basket

Magnolia Wall Candleholders

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