Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Post from Arcadian Lighting

In March, I featured a guest post from Arcadian Home Decor, with stunning photos showing how to create moods and styles with beautiful home decor. Arcadian is back, with gorgeous lighting ideas in one of my favorite colors, turquoise. Enjoy!

Today’s article focuses on gorgeous turquoise lights. Turquoise is such a versatile color and works well in most colorways. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and table lamps can all be found in turquoise hues. For an existing chandelier or table light, consider adding turquoise shades, trim, crystals or beads to make a custom turquoise light for your room. Here are eight turquoise lights to love.

Turquoise Lights

Odietamo via

Like natural turquoise, turquoise blue comes in a range of colors from palest to bright and bold. Love it mixed with creams and tans.

Turquoise Lights

JPM Design via

A turquoise double gourd lamp looks wonderful next to a crisply made bed. Turquoise and brown is a classic combination.

Turquoise Lights

Design Ties via

This beautiful turquoise pendant light from Shine Home looks like a vintage light. Or even a vintage purse.

Turquoise Lights

Trendey via

A classic chandelier is hung with turquoise crystals for a very classic and chic look. Could be a project for an advanced DIYer.

Turquoise Lights

Coco Cozy via

Vintage turquoise lamps can be found in pairs as well as single lamps. We saw this pair on Cococozy. Gorgeous!

Turquoise Lights

Centsational Girl via

Stunning vintage Murano turquoise glass lamp is beautiful against the gold of the mirror and console table. They work so well together because blue and yellow, or turquoise and gold are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Turquoise Lights

Nicole Galletta via

Turquoise lights can hold their own against strong colors such as reds, greens, oranges and purples.

Turquoise Lights

House Beautiful via

An antique turquoise lamp in the Chinese style adds a nice spot of color in this room filled with tans and mauves.

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