Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Blog Post--Arcadian Home Decor

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Moods and Styles: Decor for Your Lifestyle

You may admire the beautifully appointed and formal home of an acquaintance or love going to a friend’s casual and contemporary home and while staring at the pretty table décor and drinking coffee for hours, but would you really want to live there? While you may appreciate a lovely décor or enjoy visiting a friend’s home it does not mean you could live comfortably in it either.

Preston Lee Design (via)

Finding a home décor mood and style to suit your unique taste and lifestyle is more important than you might think. Your home’s aesthetics can affect your own mood, stress and comfort levels and even your health. Discovering the perfect balance and combination of décor moods and styles for your sanctuary will take a bit of soul searching and some homework as well, but the results will be well worth it.

Moods, as they relate to interior design, are created by many room elements such as color, patterns, and furnishings. There are three basic moods: Informal, semi-formal and formal. While each can stand alone in a successful room design, often they are mixed—semi-formal with formal, informal with semi-formal and on rare occasions formal and informal.

Doryn Wallach Design (via)

To find a mood to suit your own try this simple exercise. Grab a pen and paper and create a list of the rooms in your home. Next, write down adjectives for characteristics you would like to feel and see in each. For example, you might want your living room to be warm, comfortable and relaxed. Write down as many characteristics and adjectives you can think of for each room. This will help you narrow down paint colors, furnishings and patterns when it is time to start choosing each.

Interior design styles are defined by patterns, furniture (often defined by its country of origin) or even a certain idea. There are eight basic styles: traditional, provincial, country, modern, contemporary, oriental, coastal and eclectic. While many styles can be mixed successfully be sure to anchor your design with a dominant one. For example, you may love a French provincial look, but you have always loved the modern look of the Barcelona chair and Murano decorative bowls. These two styles mix beautifully just as long as the majority of the furnishings are provincial.

Richens Designs, Inc. (via)

To learn more about the styles you are attracted to grab a stack of the latest shelter magazines and tear out pages with designs that speak to you and start a file for each room. Your local bookstore or library will also have books whose content is dedicated to the varying styles in room décor and furnishings.

The more you explore differing moods and styles, the more comfortable you will be with your choices, and ultimately, the design of your home.

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