Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brighten Your Home For Spring

Spring is right around the corner so now is a great time to add some color and life to your home decor. I've just added some great new products that will help brighten your home or patio.

Start by adding some greenery. Plants add warmth and color to a room as well as recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. These metal plant stands can help you make a beautiful display in any room and look great on the front porch or patio.

Ivy-Design Staircase Plant Stand

Two-Tier Plant Stand

Corner Plant Stand

Country Apple Plant Stand

Four-Tier Plant Stand Screen

This beautiful tabletop hanging vase is a unique way to display fresh flowers. This would make a great centerpiece.

Tabletop Hanging Pendant Vase

Fresh roses are beautiful and smell great. The only drawback is that they eventually wither and die. These attractive, lifelike roses are made out of feathers. Find a stylish vase for them and they make a nice, colorful display.

Lifelike Feather Roses

This adorable little planter will look beautiful with your favorite flowers planted inside:
Butterfly Teacup Planter

This outdoor planter will look beautiful when filled with colorful flowers.

Wagon Wheel Planter

OOOh La-La! This shabby little cart will look so classy sitting in your yard with your favorite plants or flowers!

French Flower Cart Plant Stand

Add an exotic touch with these attractive safari pots:

Safari Pots

Finally, brighten any corner with this very attractive hanging candle holder. This would look great indoors or on a covered patio or porch.

Sunflower Candleholder

Since St. Patrick's Day is almost here, enjoy this article on Irish Cottage Style Decor.


Reyna said...

I love the wagon wheel planter! SO adorable and such a space saver!


twaye30 said...

I agree with you spring is finally here. And some spring decorating sure sounds festive right about now. I personally, enjoy the spring and summer weather, im from florida!(the sunshine state) and I love to decorate during this time of year, especially my yard. love your spring picures!

twaye30 said...

Birdhouses and Birdfeeders make a great garden decore for spring also!