Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Girl's Bedding Sets

Just in time for the new school year, these all inclusive, bed-in-a-bag bedding sets by Little Miss Matched are perfect for adding color, personality and fun to your teen daughter's dorm room or a 'tween' girl's bedroom. In addition to the comforter, these sets include shams, pillowcases, sheet sets and bed skirts.
These colorful bedding sets are also reversible, so if you get bored with one look, you can flip stuff over and get a completely different look! You can add some accessories and Wala! Your girl's room is popping with color and cool, funky designs!

Little Miss Matched Peace Love Bed Ensemble

Peace, love and neon smiley faces on a black background make it impossible not to feel happy in a room with this style of decor. Flip it over and you have a completely new design with bright pastel stripes on a white background. Add more color to the room with a matching valence and rainbow colored drapes.
Little Miss Matched Zany Flowers Quilt in a Bag

Nothing is dull about this brightly colored bedding set with big flowers, fun polka dots and snazzy stripes. With so many combinations of texture and designs, this bedding set never gets boring. It also has a matching valence and drapes that are sold separately.
Little Miss Matched Snappy Stripes in a Bag with 1 Bonus Pillow

If your daughter likes pink and purple, this set would appeal to her. One side features large, colorful dots and if she changes her mind, she can have a striped pattern. A bonus throw pillow is included with this set.
Some college dorm rooms have extra long twin beds. I hav
e that covered too with these extra long comforter sets with matching shams. Choose from Rock Anthem, Kiva or Beautiful Love.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Start a healthy new habit by drinking exotic Asian tea. This might even become an addiction. However, you won't need an intervention or rehab, just some beautiful Asian tea accessories.

Not only do these premium Chinese tea blends taste incredible, they also have health benefits. Afternoon tea time is starting to catch on here in America. The best way to enjoy your afternoon tea is with a group of friends. It's a great way to catch up on some gossip, trade recipes or just relax.

If you don't know much about Chinese tea, try reading All The Tea in China. It makes a beautiful coffee table book and might even help you sharpen your tea brewing skills.

If you love your tea hot, these beautiful Chinese clay tea sets and clay tea cups will help keep your favorite tea nice and toasty warm.

Serve your tea party guests in style with this bamboo tea tray. These tea pot wooden stands are an elegant way to display your favorite tea pot.

Monday, July 12, 2010

New Luxury Asian Bedding

If you love the exotic look of textiles influenced by the culture and art found in South Asian countries like India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, you will love the new bedding designs now available in my luxury Asian bedding department.

These new duvet sets and bedspreads are all hand made to order by talented artisans from many of the rural areas of South Asia. In many of these areas, the majority of the population lives in poverty. Parents struggle to provide their children with the basic necessities like food and clothing.

In 2007, HomeTreasureCove was among some of the first online retailers to partner with Tribal Monsoon. This manufacturer located in South Asia employs hundreds of local artisans and provides them with a way to get their hand made products seen by consumers all over the world. This enables artisan families in those rural areas to be self-sustaining that would otherwise have little hope of any financial opportunities.

The economic crisis we live with here in the United States is not unique to our country, it is truly a global crisis. The more fair trading we can do to help the global economy, the more we help ourselves . HomeTreasureCove sources home decor from U.S. designers and manufacturers as well as designers abroad.

Here is a sample of the new luxury Asian duvet sets and bedspreads.

Arabian Velvet Trendy Duvet Comforter Cover Set – Chocolate Brown

Luxury Dragon Silk Trendy Duvet Cover Set – Green

Indian Wildflower Trendy Hand-embroidered Bedspread – Maroon

Maharaja Vintage Panel Embroidered Duvet Cover - Chocolate Brown

Pashmina Strip Trendy Bedding Duvet Cover Set – Olive

Arabian Velvet Trendy Duvet Comforter Cover Set – Black And

Don't forget to browse through the bedding accessories, including my decorative throws and pillows.