Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Native American-Southwestern Art

If you love southwestern decor and authentic Native American art, you will love these new Native American paintings and original sketches. My supplier of Native American crafts and decor has been doing business with the local southwestern Pueblo tribes in Arizona and New Mexico for over 30 years. The crafts these tribal people make help support them and their families as well as helping to keep their culture and native traditions alive.

First are these amazing pen and colored pencil sketches by Native American artist Frankie Nez. Frankie is a full blooded Navajo and lives in Arizona. This skilled artist started drawing at the tender age of 7 and has perfected his skills over the years. Nez works with many mediums, including ink, water colors, beads and colored pencils. His work reflects the life he has lived on the reservation and he has mastered the intricate, symmetrical designs found in traditional Navajo artwork. His artwork, including tomahawks and the Kachina dolls he carves, has sold all over the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.

Original "Navajo Warrior" Navajo Pen & Ink Sketch by Native American artist Frank Nez

Original "Rainbow Dance" Navajo Pen & Colored Pencil Sketch by Native American artist Frankie Nez

Original "Native Woman and Dog" Navajo Pen Ink Sketch by Native American artist Frankie Nez

Original "Dream Catcher and Lance" Navajo Pen & Colored Pencil Sketch by Native American artist Frankie Nez

Next is a painting by Native Crow Indian Kevin Red Star. Kevin is a successful artist who also performs in rodeos, is a musician, teacher and owns his own gallery. He works with charcoal, crayon, ink, pencil, acrylic and oil paint. This print is called a canvas transfer, a process where a thick copy is taken from the original canvas and is transferred to another canvas, resulting in a print that looks exactly like the original.

Open Edition Canvas Transfer "Turn of the Century Dandy" Indian Oil Painting by Kevin Redstar

The adorable smile on this young Native American girl's face was captured by Navajo artist Don Clark. Don's artwork has been featured in magazines and exhibits all over the country. He prefers to work with oil, pastels and charcoal.

Open Edition Canvas Transfer "Happiness of Youth" Indian Oil Painting by Don Clark

Self-taught Navajo artist, JC Black, from Red Valley, AZ, started painting at age 11. His work reflects the Navajo traditions and culture he experienced growing up on the reservation. In this painting, the Yei Bi Chei dancers are performing the Night Way Chant. Black adds incredible detail in the bright, colorful costumes the dancers are wearing.

Yei Bi Chei Dancers The Night Way Chant Navajo Painting Limited Edition Giclée Print by JC Black

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Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

As some one who is 1/2 Cherokee, I really love and appreciate Native American Art. Thanks for sharing!

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Wildlife photography are subtle-yet-apt accessories to complement a Native American decor theme.