Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Express Yourself with Eclectic Style Decorating

Everyone has their own decorating style. Those of us in the interior design industry like to put decorating styles in neat little categories such as contemporary, modern, rustic, southwestern, Victorian, Asian and the list goes on. Perhaps one of the most overlooked and under appreciated styles, eclectic decorating is the style where individuality shines.

The eclectic decorator is the kind of person who likes to think outside the box. This style of decorating makes a bold statement of "I know who I am and I know what I like." Sure, some people might say "Oh my, you can't have that lamp sitting on that table. This room is a hot mess! The throw on that sofa just clashes. Gees, what were you thinking?"

Admittedly, there are those that would say you have to know what you're doing to decorate your home with eclectic style. However, it really all comes down to one thing. Making yourself happy. When it comes to your home, the only opinion that really matters is yours. And maybe your husband's, but it's usually in his best interest to keep you happy as well ;). You might not be asked to feature your eclectically decorated living room in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens but who else in your neighborhood has?

So don't be afraid to throw some animal print pillows on a rustic style sofa. Or put a Victorian style lamp on an Asian style table. It's really ok. Remember that the eclectic decorator loves to be creative. It's all about expressing yourself without boundaries or fear.

Is it even possible to over do an eclectic designed room? Well yes, anything's possible. If you can't even find your cedar hutch anymore because it disappeared under a mob of Kachina dolls, hand blown art glass and Asian tea pots, your eclectic style borders perilously on cluttered. Just try to keep one common design element part of your look; space. Space is easy to incorporate into an eclectic theme. Just allow it to be.


panamamama said...

Like it!

lostinaseaofblogs said...

I'm very eclectic. Nothing matches. heh. Thanks for visiting me today! You must have been reading my mind or something because I've been starting to look online for blogs just like this. :) Will definitely be back.