Saturday, June 12, 2010

CSN Product Review & Green Bathroom Contest

A few weeks ago, I posted about an upcoming CSN store product review. Originally, I was going to review an unusual table lamp called the LumiSource Sculptured Electra Lamp. I was intrigued by this hand blown glass lamp filled with electric charges and phosphorous gas. However, my toaster oven desperately needed replacing. So my practical side won the debate over what I should order.

With a spending limit of $40.00, I chose the Black & Decker Classic Toast-R-Oven in Silver. It seemed like a good size because the spot where my old toaster oven sat (an over the counter alcove designed for either a toaster oven or microwave) has limited space. It fits nicely in this small area but is still roomy enough on the inside to accommodate the kind of food we typically use a toaster oven for.

This toaster oven has three dials on the side that make it easy to set the function you need such as toast, bake, broil and reheat. It has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees and up to 30 minute timer. It also has a handy crumb tray that you can take out to clean. The only disadvantage I've found with this style toaster oven is that the door opens by pulling it down in front, instead of opening from the side like my previous one. This makes it a little trickier to get the food out.

So far, everything we have cooked with this new toaster oven has cooked consistently and evenly. Over all, I would say this is a good toaster oven to buy if you have limited space and want to spend under $40.00.

Now, on to more exciting news from CSN Stores. They are having a huge contest called The Green and Clean Bathroom Bailout. You have from now until July 30 to enter this contest.
The winner will receive a brand new bathroom from CSN Stores' Room Rescue Crew and Do Your Part that includes $10,000 worth of green products - including a new toilet, tub, faucet, fixtures, flooring, lighting, a vanity, and more! Make sure you click on the link I've provided in the title so you can enter.

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annalene said...

Returning your SITS visit :)

That's an excellent pick! I haven't looked at toasters yet on CSN, but I should... I just remembered that my toaster is old and, well, not very good. Am definitely considering this toaster now!