Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Asian Decor

It's no wonder why Asian decor is so popular here in America. Especially Oriental style Asian decor and art from places such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. These countries are rich with culture, beautiful natural scenery and distinctive architecture. Its a perfect way to add an exotic, colorful touch to your home. With thousands of years worth of history and culture, Chinese art and decor has a widespread appeal. It seems to fill the room with positive, peaceful energy.These striking 11 x 14 Bamboo Wood Wall Hangings are made with delicate bamboo wood shavings set in an attractive black matte picture frame. They come in six different designs depicting the natural beauty found in China.

Next are these exquisite Chinese Porcelain Dolls. Each doll is hand painted with amazing detail. The beautiful costumes each doll is wearing makes them an impressive collectible item. Its hard to pick a favorite out of these five gorgeous dolls.

A great way to protect these beautiful, delicate Chinese Porcelain Dolls is by putting them in an attractive Doll Case, perfect for displaying these collectible dolls.

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Chinois Chic said...

Those fine porcelain pieces are exquisite! Perfect accessories for a Chinoiserie themed decor.