Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Bananas For Bamboo

Bamboo is everywhere these days, whether its products made from bamboo or decor that displays bamboo. There are hundreds of different species of this fast growing, tropical plant. Not only is bamboo appreciated by many for its beauty and visual appeal, bamboo is also a valuable material for creating home decor and even textiles because of how sustainable it is. Bamboo is known as an eco-friendly material because some species can grow as fast as 1 meter per day! It is also extremely adaptable to different climates, so bamboo can be easily grown in different eco systems. Many economically challenged people living in rural areas of developing countries have been able to sustain themselves by growing and harvesting bamboo. This versatile plant turns high amounts of carbon dioxide into oxygen and needs less water than plants like cotton. Bamboo is also naturally resistant to most insects, enabling growers to avoid using pesticides.
Bamboo fiber textiles have other advantages over cotton textiles. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-microbial, making it odor resistant. Bamboo fiber is so soft, it is often compared to cashmere. Because it is a natural, cellulose fiber, bamboo yarn is 100% biodegradable, needing only microorganisms and sunlight to break down back into the earth. Bamboo's naturally occurring resistance to odors makes it a popular choice for textiles such as bath towels, robes and sheets.
In honor of my favorite house plant, (I have two bamboo plants cleaning the air around my desk) I am featuring some of the many bamboo home decor items available at HomeTreasureCove. Some of these products simply display this beautiful green plant while others are made out of this wonderful, renewable resource. So please enjoy the rest of this post as we "Do some Boo!"

Much of the world's native bamboo comes from the tropical and mountainous regions of Asia, so bamboo is a common design element in Asian decor. Here are some examples of bamboo designs found on these imported pieces from China.
16x36 Rosewood Jade Decorated Wall Hanging-Bamboo

Oval Green Bamboo Hanging Paper Lantern

Bamboo Designs Towels

8-Piece Artistic Tea Sets- Panda Tea Set- Bamboo is what t hese beautiful and endangered bears feed on in their natural environment in China. These hand crafted decor products imported from China are actually made from bamboo. As you can see, bamboo is a versatile material that looks beautiful in so many different ways.

11x14 Bamboo Wood Wall Hangings

14 Inch Round Bamboo Wood Collage Plaque
Bamboo of Peace & Comfort Fan

Bamboo Coasters Set

Traditional Bamboo Tea Serving Tray

Pot Style Bamboo Rattan Weaved Hanging Lamp

Bamboo Boxed Desk Lamp

Bamboo Woven Hexagonial Side Table
As I mentioned earlier, bamboo fiber textiles have become an in-demand, popular household furnishing. Bamboo surpasses cotton for producing luxurious, soft, odor resistant bath towels, kitchen towels, robes and bed linens.
Bamboo Bath Towel Set

Bamboo Kitchen Towel

Pure Collection Bamboo Bathrobe

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo Duvet Covers

Bamboo is also an excellent choice for the kitchen cutting board. These Old Mountain Bamboo Cutting Boards have been specially treated, making the bamboo wood harder than maple and beech. This means less nicks and cuts in the surface of the board where bacteria tends to grow.

If you have other helpful information about the benefits of bamboo, please feel to leave a comment about it.


Michelle said...

I just love bamboo, always have. I really love that it's continuing to grow in my kitchen even though I don't have the greenest of thumbs. I also just purchased some socks made from bamboo rayon, they're really great.

SITS visiting, & blog following. Peace. :)

DecorArt.E said...

Elegant and soothing.. game for an Oriental makeover?