Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jim Shore Easter Collectibles

March is just around the corner so spring cleaning and spring decor is on the way. The Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collection has some springtime favorites, starting with these classic Easter collectible figurines.

Jim Shore Bunny Pushing A Carriage- This proud looking bunny is pushing a classic baby carriage. It has the signature quilting detail in the bunny's clothes. Hidden inside the egg in the carriage is a cute baby bunny!

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Bunny/Wheelbarrow Figurine- This well dressed rabbit has been working hard on the farm, possibly harvesting carrots in his extravagant wheelbarrow. This piece measures 8.75".

Jim Shore Nesting Box
set of 4 Eggs- The beautifully decorated large egg measuring 5.25" has the two smaller eggs and chick nesting inside.

Jim Shore Heartwood Resurrection Figurine- This beautiful angel shows the scene where Jesus' body has disappeared from the cave he was entombed in on the morning of his resurrection. She is made of stone resin and stands 12.5" tall.

Jim Shore Nesting Box set of 4 Bunnies- It just doesn't get any cuter than this! These three adorable bunnies, the largest measuring 3.25" x 6", nest inside each other with a decorative Easter egg for the final surprise.

Jim Shore Hallelujah Easter Angel-
This is another gorgeous angel Jim created in his unique folk art quilted pattern that he is so well known for. She measures 3.75" x 10.25".


Mary said...

Beautiful Stone Products are perfect for home decoration and provide an amazing look.

Kim said...

I SO don't feel like Spring is around the corner - how I wish! Don't mind me, I'm just whining because we had yet another snowstorm here in S. Jersey today. Great blog, glad I found ya!