Monday, February 8, 2010

Amazing Iron Art From Designer Gary L. Russell

The newest artist/designer of hand made rustic lighting, furniture and decor being featured at HomeTreasureCove is Gary L. Russell, owner of The Iron Gallery. Gary has been creating his unique art and home decor since 1976. Gary cuts and styles his metal art using the traditional method of a hand held flame torch. He has become highly skilled at creating unusual patinas that give the metal he's working with such vivid colors. At home in the Colorado Rockies, Gary's rustic style shows the natural beauty of this rugged area. Here are some examples of the hand made decor available for purchase online now:

Colorado Sunset Wall Hanging- These amazing wall hangings are made from 14 gauge flat steel. Gary hand cuts the trees and welds them on. The vivid colors are made from a special technique of oxidizing patinas. This one is 32" x 32" and the mounting brackets are supplied with the order.

Don Quixote Wall Hanging- Here is a great image of Don
Quixote riding through the desert. The artistic image is welded on. This piece measures 16" x 20".

Still Standing Wa
ll Hanging- I really like the striking colors of this one. It reminds me of sunsets I've seen when the smoke from a distant forest fire that has cleansed the land, creates brilliant fiery colors as the sun slides lower in the horizon.

Coffee Table with Mountain Scene- This beautiful coffee table has mountains that are carved into the thin steel plate and the trees and moon are welded on. A clear coat has been applied to protect the finish. This table stands 18" tall and measures 24" x 48".

Sofa Table- This table stands 32" tall and measures 18" x 54". The images are hand cut with a flame torch from 1/4" steel. Gary then polishes, details and colors them.

Arrow Floor Lamp- This 60" tall lamp features hand made arrows and a hand made shade cut from sheet metal. Gary creates the arrow designs on the shade using his torch. Clear coating will ensure the color remains intact.

Hanging Lights- These unique hanging lights are made from pipe that is hand cut and polished. The inside is coated with mica. You can choose from three different designs and sizes.

Wolf Rack-
The wolf coat rack is 36" long. This would also make a great place to hang your handbags, hats, scarves or even long necklaces.

Arrow Towel Bar- This simple yet elegant arrow towel bar is all
hand made and detailed. It can be ordered in three different sizes or can be made any custom size.

You can see more of Gary's gorgeous rustic decor here. I will be adding more of his rustic art throughout the month.


Kindle Marie said...

Wow his designs are amazing! Thanks for posting these pictures.

silk sheets said...

Not a big fan of everything, but I really like the hanging lights. I wish they had the palm trees that are on your background.

Down Pillows said...

WOW Amazing design Good blog with good details.

Mary said...

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