Monday, January 18, 2010

Custom Hand Made Rustic Wine Racks & Liquor Bottle Holders

One of the most appealing aspects of rustic decor is that most of it is hand made using natural elements. That means you get a unique, one of a kind item to display in your home. Rustic artist Kendall Von Feldt has been creating one of a kind rustic wine racks from Aspen logs that she carefully hand picks from her own property in Colorado. To ensure her rustic decor is eco-friendly, Kendall only uses dead standing Aspen, which helps promote the growth of new trees. Her beautifully rugged wine racks are sold in retail stores throughout Colorado and online at HomeTreasureCove. You can also find Kendall and her rustic decor at different food, wine and art festivals in Colorado.

These are some of her new rustic wine racks and liquor bottle holders. In addition to the 2 Bottle Countertop Aspen Wine Rack, 3 Bottle Countertop Aspen Wine Rack and 4 Bottle Countertop Aspen Wine Rack, you can now order these hanging wine racks:

2 Bottle Hanging Wine Rack

3 Bottle Hanging Wine Rack

4 Bottle Hanging Wine Rack

For the serious wine lover, the 7 bottle Floor Standing Wine Rack stands 52 inches tall and holds up to 6 wine glasses.

The Centerpiece Wine Rack is an absolutely stunning addition to your dining room table. This is a true work of art. Rustic moss and Pheasant feather accents add a wonderful texture to this piece.

Save counter space with the Under Cabinet Wine Rack . It holds up to 3 bottles and you can choose from light or dark wood and a high gloss or natural beeswax finish.

Finally, this Wine Rack with Stemware holder is an elegant and functional item that would also make a great and unique wedding gift.

For those who prefer something a little stronger, these rugged liquor bottle holders make a great addition to your bar. First is the Amaretto Bottle Rack. Made with your choice of light or dark Aspen, it holds 1 bottle and 4 shot glasses. You get to add your own personal touch with an inscription of your choice on the front plaque. Other varieties include the Crown Bottle Holder, Jack Bottle Holder and Tequila Bottle Holder. Another option is the 2 Bottle Liquor Holder which holds 2 round or square 750 ml bottles and 4 shot glasses.

If you need a good place to stash your favorite, expensive bottle of booze the Whiskey Bottle Cabinet will hold even the large 1.75 liter bottles. A brass plaque with your inscription (Hands Off! might be appropriate) is included.


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