Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Holiday Gift Ideas for 2010

The clock is ticking for ordering gifts online but it's not too late to find something unusual or unique for your family and friends. For those who have loved ones in other cities or states, online shopping is a convenient way to have their gifts shipped directly to them, saving you time and a trip to the post office.

If you know someone who likes Southwestern art and decor, this authentic, hand made Native American pottery would make an excellent gift.

This first piece was made by Navajo Indians in the Four Corners region of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. It is a wedding vase with hand painted pueblo designs and real feather embellishments. This vase is also very affordable.

Native American Four Corners Traditionally Painted Wedding Vase Pottery

This next pot is so attractive and unique because of the crushed turquoise finish. The animal carvings and feathers add even more texture and visual appeal.

Mata Ortiz Hand Coiled Turquoise Indian Pottery

This beautiful little pot is a creation of Navajo artists Kevin Williams and Jolinda Black of Shonto, Arizona. It is entirely hand coiled with hand made designs.

Navajo Hand Coiled Pine Pitch Pottery Indian Pottery

You can get a wholesale lot of gorgeous Mata Ortiz hand coiled pottery when you buy this set of six pots. Each one has a different shape and design. These pots make a stunning display when grouped together or you can hand them out individually. Get all six for only $299, or about $50 per pot.

Wholesale Lot of Mata Ortiz Hand Coiled Native Deluxe Pottery Set of Six

A great gift idea for the Southwestern art lover in your life is this pen and colored pencil sketch by Native American artist Frankie Nez, a full blooded Navajo from Arizona. This beautiful picture is the original sketch, not a print.

Original "Rainbow Dance" Navajo Pen & Colored Pencil Sketch by Native American artist Frankie Nez

This adorable, smiling Indian child was painted by Navajo artist Don Clark. It is a high quality canvas transfer in which a thick copy is taken from the original and is transferred to another canvas. The result is a stunning print that looks identical to the original.

Open Edition Canvas Transfer "Happiness of Youth" Indian Oil Painting by Don Clark

Kachina dolls are gifts given in hope of future abundance and good health. They have highly significant spiritual meaning for the Hopi people, representing everything from animals to abstract concepts. The Hopi were the original Kachina doll carvers, carving each one out of a single piece of cottonwood root. The Navajo also began making their own Kachina dolls with added leather, feathers, beads and turquoise. This colorful Sunface Kachina doll is Navajo made and signed on the bottom by the artist. A truly unique, one-of-a-kind gift, this collectible will grow in value over time.

Golf Trophy Kachina Doll Collection Sunface Kachina Doll Navajo Made Signed

Here is a set of three hand carved Kachina dolls by Navajo artist L. Multine. Each one is unique and painstakingly hand painted with beautiful native designs.

Set of Three Sculpted Miniature Native American Kachina Dolls

For more authentic Native American crafts including pottery, Kachina dolls, Navajo rugs and more, visit my Native American and Southwestern decor page.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas for 2010

It's the end of another Thanksgiving weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!! Time to get ready for some great online shopping! Here are some new gift ideas to get you started...

If you know someone who would like to learn calligraphy or know someone who loves Asian arts and crafts, these beautiful Chinese calligraphy box sets make a wonderful gift. Don't forget to include the extra ink.

Large Calligraphy Silk Box Set

Large Calligraphy Wooden Box Set

Calligraphy Brush Stand

Another great gift idea for the holidays is my high quality Asian tea. These Asian tea blends are imported from China. Two yummy new flavors, just in time for the holidays are

Black Vanilla Tea

and Christmas Scents Tea

Chinese tea is not only a delicious way to warm yourself on a cold winter day, it has health benefits as well. A great way to serve your tea is with these decorative Oriental tea sets. They make a great gift for the tea lover in your family.

Black Calligraphy Modern Round Tea Set

Cherry Blossoms Calligraphy Classic Round Tea Set

Stone Dragon Modern Round Tea Set

Stone Cherry Blossoms Oblong Tea Set

There will be more gift ideas to come, so please check back every week from now until Christmas!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guest Blogger Eric Stevenson on Safe Home Renovations

Home Decorating News would like to welcome guest author Eric Stevenson, who was kind enough to offer these helpful tips and information on safety with home renovations and the possible hazards you need to watch out for.

Ensure Safety Before the Style

Home renovation can be an incredibly exciting process. You probably watched home improvement shows, picked a color pallet and figured out what each room is lacking. Sometimes these renovations can be relatively small, like the installation of a new rustic lighting fixture or a new color of paint. However, many of the biggest and most exhilarating home alterations can include committed changes, like removing walls, tearing out old fixtures and digging through layers of flooring. Some of the more mundane renovations you’ll likely need, especially with an older home, are the updates and removal of structural and internal dangers, like mold, inefficient insulation and wiring.

While the installation of an impressive new oak door might look great, failing to modernize insulation around it will make those improvements purely aesthetic. Wiring, too, is especially important not just to your wallet, but to your safety as well. Older home wiring might not be able to withstand the increased power consumption of modern appliances, leading to electrical strain that can cause fire. In addition, many older homes contain outlets that are not grounded, which is again dangerous when families use appliances that require higher levels of electricity. These older, two-slotted outlets should first be replaced before homeowners take on any form of aesthetic improvement.

Chemical dangers, especially, are an important factor to consider when renovating your home and removing outdated materials. Because these dangerous chemicals are hard to spot, many families fail to take the necessary defenses. One such dangerous chemical is lead. Since 1991, the United States has identified it as a huge health risk to children because it is easily absorbed into growing bodies. It’s widely known lead is present in older paints. However, it was also used in many other products as well, such as gasoline and pipes. Therefore, there are numerous ways homeowners, especially children, can risk exposure to this chemical if it is not properly removed. In addition to chipping paint, lead exposure can occur through the air, in the form of lead dust, in drinking water, in food or even in contaminated soil.

Another common chemical in older homes is asbestos. A natural mineral once popular in the 20th century for many construction purposes, it also poses huge risks if exposure occurs. Once popular because of its fireproof, heat resistant, and electrical-insulating nature, this material has since proven toxic. It poses a serious cancer threat when broken, jagged or shredded, allowing its release into the air and inhalation into the lungs.

Although asbestos also received a lot of attention because of its dangerous nature, its commonness in past construction makes it an ongoing problem, especially as older homes are renovated and the aged mineral is exposed. Mesothelioma, the name of this disease, is a cancer that results from exposure to this chemical. If exposed, there are four different types of this disease, with the most common developing in the lining of your lungs. The worst part about mesothelioma symptoms is that they usually don’t show up until 20 to 50 years after your first exposure to asbestos.

Home renovation includes more than picking out paints, acquiring tools and freeing up several weekends to finish the project. It also includes collecting the knowledge to get the most from your improvements and keep your family safe as you dig through old walls and wiring. Only when you first plan for what you might encounter during these projects will improvements match expectations. It is then you will see your time, money and efforts were well spent and your excitement was justified.

Have fun with your next home renovation project, just make sure you keep safety in mind at all times. Nothing is more valuable than your well-being.

Friday, October 29, 2010

New Seasonal Decor For The Holidays

It's Halloween weekend-hope you have your costume ready for the big night! Halloween seems to kick off the holiday season which is also right around the corner. Now is a great time to start looking for gifts and holiday decor if you like shopping online.

I am eager to share a few of the new holiday decor items that were just added today in my Seasonal Decor department. Check out this beautiful amber holiday glass tableware:

Amber Holiday Glass Dessert Plate

Tall Amber Holiday Glass Jar with Lid

Amber Holiday Glass Jar with Lid

Another great holiday decorating idea is using LED candles. These are perfect for families with small children because they are much safer than a real candle. The soft glow of the LED lights flicker, so it looks like real candlelight.

LED Holiday Pillar Candle on Metal Tray

Inspirational Led Snow Scene Christmas Candles

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update Your Bedroom Decor With New Bedding

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the cooler fall weather. No matter what season is your favorite, (I'm a fan of summer) it's always nice to experience the change that comes with each new season. Those chilly winter nights will soon be on the way. Now would be a great time to shop for a cozy, warm comforter to snuggle under with your loved one or even your favorite four legged friend. One of my best selling comforter sets is back in stock:

Birchwood Comforter Set with 4 Bonus Pieces

The natural earth tones in this soft, faux suede (brushed microfiber) comforter set gives it a pleasing, contemporary look that will go well with just about any style of decor. The four bonus throw pillows and matching bed skirt make this set a great deal.

Another attractive comforter set in rich brown and rust colors with bonus throw pillows included is:

Bloomington Way Comforter Set with 4 Bonus Pieces

If green is more your style, this next set has a nice jacquard scroll pattern embedded in stripes:

Hallaton Green Comforter Set with Bonus Pillows

For a super soft, cuddly comforter, try this fleece comforter set (don't worry, no minks
were harmed to make this bedding ;)

Mink Reversing to Cloud Fleece Comforter Camel

Also, here are some links to my bedding articles on LoveToKnow:

Designer Bedspreads
Roxy Bedding
Dinosaur Pattern Toddler Bedding

Friday, October 1, 2010

To My Readers

It's hard to believe that October is already here! I love Halloween, who doesn't?

I also can't believe I let an entire month go by without posting!! I might not have a large number of followers (yet ;) but I appreciate those of you who do follow and stop by to leave comments. Thank you! I sincerely apologize for my absence during September.

The good news is what's keeping me so busy. First, I started home schooling my 12 year old daughter. It's a great public online school but I had no idea how much extra work it would be. I'm teaching her all of her subjects including PreAlgebra--are you kidding me!? I'm using brain cells that I forgot I had :).

I'm also staying busy as a contributing author for a great website called LoveToKnow. You can find my articles on the Home, Garden & Events channel, in the Antiques, Bedding, Furniture and Interoir Design categories. So I have been very busy writing, just not here. However, I love and miss blogging, sharing news on my designer home decor website and visiting other great blogs. Therefore, I am determined to stop neglecting my bloggy love!

I will also start linking to some of my LoveToKnow articles each month so that those of you who find me here can easily find me there. LoveToKnow is a very big site with a lot of great writers on dozens of different topics, give it a try!

Here are some links to my articles:

Please feel free to leave comments on any of my articles. I would love to know who's reading them and it will enable me to visit your blog and return the favor!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Update Your Seasonal Decor with the Colors of Fall

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over! School is now right around the corner which means fall is fast approaching. It's always sad to see another summer fade away into memories but fortunately there will always be more on the way.

If you're the kind of decorator who likes to change your decor with the seasons, now is the perfect time to start looking at fall decor for your home. One of the nice things about rotating decor with the seasons is that you can keep a fresh, updated look in your home.

In the bedroom, you can add a splash of autumn colors with these quilts and duvet sets:

Arabian Velvet Duvet Comforter Cover Set- Maroon, Rust, Beige

Cotton Blockprint Discount Duvet Cover Set - Beige

Indian Wildflower Trendy Hand-embroidered Bedspread – Maroon

Maharaja Vintage Panel Embroidered Duvet Cover - Chocolate Brown

Deer Forrest Quilt

Fandance Quilt with 2 Shams

Terra Rosa Quilt with 2 Shams

Next, add some natural fall color to your bathroom with some luxurious, plush, absorbent bamboo fiber bath linens:

Bamboo Bath Towel Set- Orange

Bamboo Bath Towel Set- Chocolate

Pure Collection Bamboo Bathrobe

Bamboo Blend Bath Rug

Add glowing autumn color
s with beautiful stained glass Tiffany lamps.

23"H Mission Vine Leaf Crooked Tree Table Lamp

24"H Elan Table Lamp

Finally you can browse for fall holiday decor in my Seasonal Home Decor department. Here you can find more autumn lamps from Meyda Tiffany:

8.5"H X 5"W Jack-O-Lantern Accent Lamp

7"H X 6.5"W Jack-O-Lantern Accent Lamp

and these fun fall Halloween and Thanksgiving collectibles:

Halloween Black Cat On Pumpkin

Joseph's Studio Pumpkin with Carved Bless Scene

Pumpkin Train Jar Set/3

Harvest Pumpkin Candleholder - 'Be Thankful Always'

Jim Shore Witch on Cloud

See more seasonal home decor and enjoy the last days of summer while you can!