Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nostalgic Cast Iron Decor

Some things just never go out of style, like this timeless cast iron collectible home decor. These items are perfect for the nostalgic decorator who loves everything old fashioned. If its made from cast iron, its almost indestructible. Simple, elegant and classy, we love to be reminded of a time when the world didn't seem to move so fast.

I love this Pot Bellied Cast Iron Stove. This was probably the main gathering place in many early American homes. Not only did it warm the household, it also provided the family with hot home cooked food. You can almost imagine the steam rising out of the tiny cast iron pots on top. There is also the larger, slightly fancier version of a cast iron stove.

Mounted on the wall close to one of these stoves, you would be sure to find this Heavy Cast Iron Match Dispenser. Wooden kitchen matches were always needed to light the stove when it was time to cook. Another handy wall mount for the kitchen would be this Cast Iron Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener. They come in a set of four so you can have one in the garage, basement, game room or wherever you need to pop open a cold bottle of you favorite beverage.

For the bathroom, these old fashioned Cast Iron Wall Hooks are great for hanging bathrobes, towels, jewelry
, belts or anything else. For 25 cents you can enjoy a hot bath or a haircut and a shave. These rust finish Cast Iron Towel Holders come in a set of 2. Finish the look with a set of these classy Old Style Victorian Soap Dish sets.

This Classy Victorian Cherub Angel Stool is a beautiful old fashioned accessory that would look great anywhere in your home. It has heavy cast iron legs with intricate cherub angels and the seat has a Victorian style fabric with deep red designs on a beige base.

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