Monday, September 28, 2009

New Comforter Sets With Bonus Pillows Included

The fall nights are starting to get a little chilly so now is a great time to replace that summer quilt with a new cozy comforter set. These modern looking, geometric designs comforter sets have both shams included and come with 3 bonus decorative pillows. All this for just under $70, what a deal! Don't miss out on this one!

Circle Dot Comforter Set with Bon
us Pillows This striking set is my personal favorite with these eye catching white dot circles against a jet black background. Set includes 2 shams, 60 x 80 inch bed skirt and one 12"x16" pillow, one 16"x16" pillow and a 16" neck roll. Available in Queen and King.

Dodge Block Comforter Set with Bonus Pillows Its hip to be square with this comforter set that features woven gold block patterns with a spaqua background color. Yes, that's not a typo, spaqua is a cool new designer color, a shiny, metalic, silvery light blue. Set includes 2 shams, 60 x 80 inch bed skirt and one 12"x16" pillow, one 16"x16" pillow and a 16" neck roll. Available in Queen and King.

Down Town Comforter Set with Bonus Pillows More silver and aqua colors dance around in modern print circles with the Down Town Comforter Set. Set includes 2 shams, 60 x 80 inch bed skirt and one 12"x16" pillow, one 16"x16" pillow and a 16" neck roll. Available in Queen and King.

Geo Grid Brown Comfort
er Set with Bonus Pillows If you just can't decide between circles or squares then just do both! Gold and Copper circles and squares are woven into this fine fabric and give your bedroom a modern sleek look. Set includes 2 shams, 60 x 80 inch bed skirt and one 12"x16" pillow, one 16"x16" pillow and a 16" neck roll. Available in Queen and King.

Geo Grid Black Comforter Set with Bonus Pillows
Here's the same great pattern with silver circles and squares against a sleek, shiny black background. Like the others, this set includes 2 shams, 60 x 80 inch bed skirt and one 12"x16" pillow, one 16"x16" pillow and a 16" neck roll. Available in Queen and King.

Two other newbies I thought were worth mentioning this week are these beautiful tree resin sculptures. I found these two delightful gems from my art glass supplier. One is a Buddha Head Tree Resin Sculpture and the other is a Tree Resin Cabbage Vase. They are a bit pricey but if they're within your budget, they would make great, unusual Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rustic Cedar Furniture

High quality wood furniture never goes out of style. Cedar wood furniture brings a cozy, natural element into your home. Not only is cedar beautiful, it's durable and can last for generations. Cedar wood furniture can be stained to match any decor. White Cedar in its natural state, an appealing creamy white color, will weather to a beautiful silver gray when left outdoors.

This stunning Deluxe Log Bed made by Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company is available in twin, double, queen and king sizes. Made from Northern White Pine Cedar, its exceptionally strong and resistant to decay and insect damage. Any kind of bedding looks great with this bed, whether you use a quilt, comforter or bedspread. The same is true for this amazing Canopy Log Bed.

A great way to display and store your favorite quilts is with a Quilt Bench or Quilt Chest. These attractive cedar wood accessories go perfect at the foot of your bed, behind the sofa or anywhere you have the space for one.

If you need more storage, this beautiful Cedar Armoire has two drawers and a roomy cabinet space on top. It makes a nice addition to the Six Drawer Dresser & Dresser Mirror. For a complete rustic cedar wood bedroom, you could add a couple of these Cedar Night Tables and a Cedar TV Stand.

The Living Room Couch, Living Room Chair and Living Room Loveseat make a cozy rustic living room set, shown here with the Rectangular Coffee Table. Cushions are available in several colors including burgundy, forest green and khaki.

Rustic cedar dining room furniture options include the Solid Top Dining Table, Small Solid Top Dining Table, Three Piece Bistro Set, Hutch - Buffet and the 2 Piece Hutch. The Small Dining Table and Bistro Set are perfect for a breakfast nook or patio.

Rustic White Pine Cedar also looks great for outdoor furniture such as swings and gliders. Western Red Cedar is used for these striking arbors, which can be stained, painted or left to weather naturally to a beautiful silver gray.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Infant Crib Bedding

What could be more exciting than the arrival of a new baby into your family and home. For any of you expecting moms who are experiencing the "nesting" impulse, check out my new infant crib bedding and crib throws.

If you're trying to decide on paint colors for the nursery, these crib bedding sets are a great reference for color scheme ideas. There are the traditional designs like Noah's Ark and Teddy Bears, but you will also find some hip, modern designs for those who like to express their creativity. Check back often as I will be adding more accessories to help complete the entire nursery. Here are some examples of the new items now available to order.

One of the most popular baby room themes, the Noah's Ark 6 piece Crib Set features The Ark filled with lions, giraffes, elephants and more, happily sailing under the sun. The set includes crib bumper, crib sheet, crib skirt, crib quilt, window valance, and a diaper stacker.

Another traditional style crib set that works for boys and girls is the Hey Diddle Diddle 6 piece Crib Set. Inspired by the famous nursery rhyme, this set features cute images of the cat playing the fiddle, the cow jumping over the moon and an appearance by Humpty Dumpty himself. This set includes crib bumper, crib sheet, crib skirt, crib quilt, window valance, and a diaper stacker.

If you're lo
oking for something more modern, the Mod Daisy 4 Piece Crib Set has contrasting Chocolate and pink colors with dots and asymmetric daisies. This four piece set includes crib throw, bumper pad, fitted sheet and bed skirt. More accessories that go with this set will be available this coming week. Also check out the Mod Star crib bedding with similar contrasting colors of coffee and blue and large asymmetric stars for a hip, modern boy's room.

For baby girls, two classic floral designs include the Camille 6 piece Crib Set and the
Madison 6 piece Crib Set.
Madison is a modern take on the traditional floral crib. With ruffled edges in a layer of prints and velvets you find the classic look. The face of the quilt and bumper are more modern with brushed microfiber patches in multiple layers. The Camille set uses soft pink and blues normally used in nurseries and mixes it with hot pinks and coffee highlights. The face of the crib quilt has appliqué flowers and asymmetric scrolling vines.

Other nature inspired sets include the Dragonfly 4 Piece Crib SetBoy Garden 4 Piece Crib Set. Traditional bright colors of pinks and yellows combined with colorful dragonflies and flowers make the first set perfect for the arrival of a new daughter. If you're expecting a boy, turtles and snails might be what captures his curious imagination and these are featured on the Boy's Garden 4 Piece Crib Set.

A beautiful classic set for those who love white, the
Bella 6 piece Crib Set features soft yellow and white butterflies with crochet highlights. This simple yet elegant pattern completes a clean, bright look for a baby girl's room. If you're a dog lover looking forward to the day when your new son is old enough for his first puppy, the Scruffy 6 piece Crib Set has playful puppies frolicking on bedding in colors of brown, tan and blue.

For more infant crib set styles, visit the kids and teens bedding pages at HomeTreasureCove. Here you can also order cuddly crib fleece throws for boys and girls in a variety of styles and colors.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nostalgic Cast Iron Decor

Some things just never go out of style, like this timeless cast iron collectible home decor. These items are perfect for the nostalgic decorator who loves everything old fashioned. If its made from cast iron, its almost indestructible. Simple, elegant and classy, we love to be reminded of a time when the world didn't seem to move so fast.

I love this Pot Bellied Cast Iron Stove. This was probably the main gathering place in many early American homes. Not only did it warm the household, it also provided the family with hot home cooked food. You can almost imagine the steam rising out of the tiny cast iron pots on top. There is also the larger, slightly fancier version of a cast iron stove.

Mounted on the wall close to one of these stoves, you would be sure to find this Heavy Cast Iron Match Dispenser. Wooden kitchen matches were always needed to light the stove when it was time to cook. Another handy wall mount for the kitchen would be this Cast Iron Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener. They come in a set of four so you can have one in the garage, basement, game room or wherever you need to pop open a cold bottle of you favorite beverage.

For the bathroom, these old fashioned Cast Iron Wall Hooks are great for hanging bathrobes, towels, jewelry
, belts or anything else. For 25 cents you can enjoy a hot bath or a haircut and a shave. These rust finish Cast Iron Towel Holders come in a set of 2. Finish the look with a set of these classy Old Style Victorian Soap Dish sets.

This Classy Victorian Cherub Angel Stool is a beautiful old fashioned accessory that would look great anywhere in your home. It has heavy cast iron legs with intricate cherub angels and the seat has a Victorian style fabric with deep red designs on a beige base.