Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Fall Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collectibles

The kids are getting ready to go back to school which means fall is well on its way. Fall is a wonderful time of year for decorating, being the start of the holiday season. The natural earth tone colors of the season bring out the warmth in our hearts and homes. One artist who knows how to connect with family traditions in a heart felt way is Jim Shore. A self taught artist from South Carolina, Jim specializes in traditional American folk art. He draws inspiration from nostalgic childhood memories as well as the hand made quilt designs he observed and deeply appreciated from his grandmother who was a talented quilt maker. This unique combination makes Jim Shore collectible figurines unmistakable.

Jim Shore is one of my favorite designers of seasonal home decor. He really seems to catch the essence of family, tradition and fun for all of the major holidays starting in the fall. Remember the hilarious movie "Love At First Bite" starring George Hamilton? One of my favorite comedies. Jim Shore's Halloween collectible Vampire "Love At 1st Bite" definitely bears a resemblance to Hamilton's vampire character.

Another beautifully detailed Halloween collectible is the
Jim Shore Pumpkin Scarecrow On Tombstone. A colorful scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern head has a witch riding her broom on a moon lit night pictured on his shirt. Several crows are perched on his outstretched straw arms while he precariously balances atop a tombstone. Made of stone resin it measures 15" x 9".

Check out the detail in the Jim Shore Witch With Crystal Ball Figurine. When I think about what a real witch would look like, this figurine is a perfect match. From her long ugly nose to her menacing looking black cat, she's one lady not to be trifled with. Holding her crystal ball, you never know when she might be watching you.

If you like witches then you'll also like the Jim Shore Witch On Wagon With Cat & Pumpkin. This is a slightly friendlier looking bunch with an adorable wagon that reminds me of a peasant's cart and an almost sweet looking little old lady witch.

For cat lovers there's the
Jim Shore Black Cat W/ Full Moon Figure. This traditional looking black cat arching its back against the full moon has colorful designs. Notice the bats flying in the moon.

The Jim Shore Pilgrim Lady Pumpkin With Fruit can be displayed throughout the fall, from Halloween through Thanksgiving. This sweet, pilgrim like lady pumpkin has colorful designs as she offers the fresh fruit harvest of the season.

Showing their appreciation for their wonderful bounty of food, the Jim Shore Pilgrims With Turkey On Platter is a perfect traditional Thanksgiving scene depicting a pilgrim man and his wife bringing dinner to the table.


The Stylish House said...

Summer has been short here, but looking at these cute autumn pieces makes me feel better :) Hope you are keeping cool. I heard on the news it has been a heat wave in your neck of the woods. Enjoy your weekend.
hugs, Cathy

Debbie said...

I had not seen his Halloween stuff. So cute!
Dropped by from SITS.

Michelle said...

ooh I like dracula!