Monday, August 17, 2009

Decorating Tips- Using Mirrors

Decorators and designers know that mirrors are a great way to add light and dimension to a room. Strategically placed mirrors can make a small room appear bigger and can help reflect and distribute light in dark corners or dimly lit rooms.

One method of decorating with mirrors is to use a grouping of them to create a unique, fragmented reflective pattern. This is commonly done with long, narrow strips and helps to elongate the wall and make the room appear larger.

Large, decorative mirrors placed behind the living room sofa can become the focal point of the wall while also reflecting the light of any table lamps or floor lamps placed nearby. Placing a large mirror over the fireplace helps open up the room and won't be damaged by heat the way a painting or photograph can. Adding wall sconces on either side of a mirror is a beautiful way to light a dark wall or corner.

Mirrors that are placed in the dining room help capture and reflect the light of the chandelier. For entrances, mirrors help disburse the natural light coming in through doors and windows, they make narrow entry ways appear wider and are useful for a last minute wardrobe or hair check before leaving the house.

Mirrors can also be used as accents on furniture and shelves. Placed behind shelves on a hutch, mirrors provide a way to view the front and back of decorative items and figurines at the same time. Mirrors placed on coffee or dining tables help accentuate the decor placed upon them.


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