Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Fall Decor From Meyda Tiffany

Now is the time to order any of these beautiful stained glass lamps, stained glass candle lamps and stained glass lighted mini tabletop window displays from Meyda Tiffany.

Meyda Tiffany is one of the leading manufacturers of reproduction Tiffany lamps. Every stained glass lamp is made using the traditional Copper Foil Method used by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The process begins with a pattern for the lamp being drawn on a heavy piece of cardboard. A color and number is assigned on each pattern piece. Next the glass is laid over the pattern and traced. The glass pieces are then cut out and ground to their exact shape. Each piece is cleaned and the copper foil applied to the edges. This solution is what adheres the glass pieces together. The edges are then soldered to hold the pieces firmly. A final cleaning completes the process.

These two jack-o-lantern stained glass Tiffany lamps make a perfect Halloween accent. The smaller one is 7"h x 6.5"w. The larger one is 8.5"h x 5"w. They look great displayed in the window or are perfect for lighting up a dark corner.

This set of six Halloween stained glass candle lamps are so adorable and go just about anywhere. You get two witches, two jack-o-lanterns, a ghost and a monster. They stand 3.5"-6"h.

Another great window or coffee table display, these two Halloween Mini Tabletop Windows hang perfectly in their own brass display. One of the jack-o-lanterns has a black cat sitting inside and has a cat's face. The other one is surrounded in a beautiful display of rust and moss autumn leaves. They stand 9.5"h x 10.5"w.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Fall Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collectibles

The kids are getting ready to go back to school which means fall is well on its way. Fall is a wonderful time of year for decorating, being the start of the holiday season. The natural earth tone colors of the season bring out the warmth in our hearts and homes. One artist who knows how to connect with family traditions in a heart felt way is Jim Shore. A self taught artist from South Carolina, Jim specializes in traditional American folk art. He draws inspiration from nostalgic childhood memories as well as the hand made quilt designs he observed and deeply appreciated from his grandmother who was a talented quilt maker. This unique combination makes Jim Shore collectible figurines unmistakable.

Jim Shore is one of my favorite designers of seasonal home decor. He really seems to catch the essence of family, tradition and fun for all of the major holidays starting in the fall. Remember the hilarious movie "Love At First Bite" starring George Hamilton? One of my favorite comedies. Jim Shore's Halloween collectible Vampire "Love At 1st Bite" definitely bears a resemblance to Hamilton's vampire character.

Another beautifully detailed Halloween collectible is the
Jim Shore Pumpkin Scarecrow On Tombstone. A colorful scarecrow with a jack-o-lantern head has a witch riding her broom on a moon lit night pictured on his shirt. Several crows are perched on his outstretched straw arms while he precariously balances atop a tombstone. Made of stone resin it measures 15" x 9".

Check out the detail in the Jim Shore Witch With Crystal Ball Figurine. When I think about what a real witch would look like, this figurine is a perfect match. From her long ugly nose to her menacing looking black cat, she's one lady not to be trifled with. Holding her crystal ball, you never know when she might be watching you.

If you like witches then you'll also like the Jim Shore Witch On Wagon With Cat & Pumpkin. This is a slightly friendlier looking bunch with an adorable wagon that reminds me of a peasant's cart and an almost sweet looking little old lady witch.

For cat lovers there's the
Jim Shore Black Cat W/ Full Moon Figure. This traditional looking black cat arching its back against the full moon has colorful designs. Notice the bats flying in the moon.

The Jim Shore Pilgrim Lady Pumpkin With Fruit can be displayed throughout the fall, from Halloween through Thanksgiving. This sweet, pilgrim like lady pumpkin has colorful designs as she offers the fresh fruit harvest of the season.

Showing their appreciation for their wonderful bounty of food, the Jim Shore Pilgrims With Turkey On Platter is a perfect traditional Thanksgiving scene depicting a pilgrim man and his wife bringing dinner to the table.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Decorating Tips- Using Mirrors

Decorators and designers know that mirrors are a great way to add light and dimension to a room. Strategically placed mirrors can make a small room appear bigger and can help reflect and distribute light in dark corners or dimly lit rooms.

One method of decorating with mirrors is to use a grouping of them to create a unique, fragmented reflective pattern. This is commonly done with long, narrow strips and helps to elongate the wall and make the room appear larger.

Large, decorative mirrors placed behind the living room sofa can become the focal point of the wall while also reflecting the light of any table lamps or floor lamps placed nearby. Placing a large mirror over the fireplace helps open up the room and won't be damaged by heat the way a painting or photograph can. Adding wall sconces on either side of a mirror is a beautiful way to light a dark wall or corner.

Mirrors that are placed in the dining room help capture and reflect the light of the chandelier. For entrances, mirrors help disburse the natural light coming in through doors and windows, they make narrow entry ways appear wider and are useful for a last minute wardrobe or hair check before leaving the house.

Mirrors can also be used as accents on furniture and shelves. Placed behind shelves on a hutch, mirrors provide a way to view the front and back of decorative items and figurines at the same time. Mirrors placed on coffee or dining tables help accentuate the decor placed upon them.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Decorating With Natural Elements

Rustic decor appeals to those who have a love of the great outdoors. This style of decor is hand made using natural elements gathered from the earth. The idea is to use these elements to create art and decor that resembles how the materials used look in their natural environment. A room filled with rustic decor emanates the soothing energy of natural surroundings.

These beautiful rustic Aspen wine racks are made from dead standing Aspen trees in Colorado. Clearing the dead standing wood enables more light and water to nourish the next generation of living Aspens. Each wine rack is unique with its own distinct natural markings. They hold up to 4 bottles of your favorite wine. They also make an interesting centerpiece for your table.

These Aspen picture frames, available in different sizes, make a great, unique gift. They go well with these rustic barn wood picture frames, made from aged, weathered barn wood that has a beautiful silvery gray color.

Add natural warmth to your home with an Aspen log candle holder. Like the Aspen wine racks, each one has its own unique markings. The Cedar fence post candle holders are made from antique materials found on farms and ranches in the West and are available with barbed wire, leather straps and rusty stars as accents.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Decorating Tips--Using Accessories

We've all felt the pinch of the struggling economy, especially in our everyday lives. Many of us are experiencing a shift in the way we think about and spend money. The great thing is, through the challenges and trials we face in life, we find the opportunity for growth and expansion. People are taking more time to learn to use what they already have, to recycle, reuse and add to. What might seem at first to be a shortage, or lack of, can actually be an opportunity to be creative.

For instance, you might look around your livingroom and think I don't like my furniture, my sofa and loveseat are boring and that end table is just plain ugly! If buying new furniture is just not in your budget right now, adding a few accessories can make a big improvement.

An easy way to start is with some decorative throw pillows. Just adding some contrasting throw pillows to a sofa, loveseat or chair brings new textures and color to the piece. A decorative throw blanket can have the same effect, in addition to the pillows. You can also use a decorative throw over an endtable or nightstand to completely change the look of a piece of furniture that you can't or don't want to replace.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a room is by adding or changing the wall decor. If you love oil paintings but can't afford an original piece of art, buying a printed copy is a good alternative. There are endless styles and choices of different wall decor and whether buying something new or searching for lost treasures in yard sales, you can use your own creativity by making your own frames, combining items to create new decor and figuring out new and inventive ways of displaying the decor that you create. Browsing through blogs is a great way to find ideas and inspiration, as so many creative and talented people are using blogs to communicate and express their wonderfully creative ideas.

Lighting is another way to enhance the look of any room in your home. Starting with the basics, candles and decorative candle holders including wall sconces are an excellent way to add accent lighting and a warm, cozy atmosphere. The primordial glow of a flame seems to evoke a sense of peace and comfort, perhaps going back to ancient times when fire provided light in the darkness as well as warmth from the cold. Table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and hanging pendant lamps and lanterns have the dual purpose of providing general, task and accent lighting while also being objects of decor themselves.

Other decorative accessories that help enhance your space include indoor fountains, art glass, collectible figurines, decorative vases, wall tapestries, pottery, clocks, mirrors, copper tiles and panels and the list goes on and on. While you can certainly spend a small fortune on decorative accessories for your home, you can also find creative ways to recycle or reuse just about anything sitting on the curb on garbage pick-up day. All you really need to become your own decorator is the desire to create.