Sunday, July 26, 2009

Decorating Ideas For An Asian Themed Dinner Party

A great idea for entertaining is to have an Asian themed dinner party. You can serve your favorite Asian dishes, whether its Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese cuisine. If you decided to go with your favorite Chinese recipes, (or if you're not much of a cook, you could cheat by having hubby sneak out the back and get Chinese take-out from your favorite restaurant) these beautiful Asian dinnerware sets and Asian tableware imported from China will help you dress up your table in true Oriental style.

The Character Patterns Dinnerware Set has 5 beautiful pieces include a large 10 inch plate, smaller 9 inch plate, 4.5 inch bowl, soup spoon and a spoon rest that also holds chopsticks. This set has a colorful geometric pattern around the border and has lotus flowers and Chinese characters meaning longevity.

The Green Dragons Patterns Dinnerware Set includes the same 5 pieces as the Character Patterns Set, with dark and light green floral patterns around the border. They have a dragon design in the center. The plates and bowls are dishwasher safe.

The Carriage & Calligraphy Patterns Dinnerware Set is a 4 piece set with a large 10 inch plate, smaller 8 inch plate, a 7 inch bowl and a 6 inch bowl. This set has a light and dark green calligraphy pattern with a classy Chinese horse and carriage around the border and in the center.

Green Floral Patterns Dinnerware Set is a beautiful 3 piece set that includes a large 11 inch plate, smaller 9 inch plate and a 5 inch plate. Dark and light green floral patterns adorn the borders with a flower design in the middle.

For a more formal table, the 24 Piece Calligraphy Designs Place Settings is available in gold and navy and includes 6 place mats, 6 napkins, 6 napkin holders, and 6 pairs of chopsticks. Or the 24 Piece Flowers & Beige Stripe Designs Place Settings is available in navy blue, red, green, beige or gold and includes 6 place mats, 6 napkins, 6 napkin holders, and 6 pairs of chopsticks. You can also add a silk Chinese table runner.

If you need extra chopsticks, I also carry a variety of those, available in rosewood or oak with different designs. Don't forget to get some bamboo coasters for your drinks.

For tea lovers, a beautiful Oriental tea set is a great addition for your table setting. A clear teapot and clear tea cups are perfect when entertaining with flowering tea. Or serve a delicious exotic Asian tea, grown and imported from China.

To really set the mood for your Asian dinner party, hang some bamboo lamps
or Chinese hanging paper lanterns. These are perfect for adding decorative accent lighting indoors or outdoors. A couple of hand painted Chinese fans make great wall decor. Other Asian wall decor you could use include silk scroll wall hangings, paper cut wall hangings and square bamboo wall hangings.

e ideas for an interesting table center piece include displaying Chinese Empress Dolls or Chinese Opera Dolls. Or you could try a ceramic pedestal with an arrangement of fresh flowers on top. This beautiful jade bowl with stand would also make a stunning center piece.


Jayne @ Misplaced City Girl said...

Very, very pretty pieces. My husband would want all of them. :::visiting from SITS:::

Dreamgirl said...

Very interesting post. I would love to do a "chinese themed" dinner-party!
Just stopping by from SITS wishing you a very Happy Wednesday!

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meandtheblueskies said...

OMG I love these stuff. The problem is getting it cheap. Some of the bigger party stores have similar stuff in paper and plastic that look nice if you are having a very casual Asian themed party.

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Becca said...

Thanks for sharing your post Michelle! I love the decor you picked!