Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Asian Wall Tapestries

A hanging wall tapestry is a great way to add color, texture and art to your walls. The following Asian wall tapestries are all hand made by local artisans in South Asia. You won't find these beautiful and unique wall tapestries in any retail stores here in the U.S. They are only available at online home decor stores and can be shipped directly to your home from South Asia for as little as $10.00!

This intricately detailed wall tapestry captures the essence of the closely knit rural village life of the people of India. It has bright, vivid colors and beautifully stitched art work. The village is not only their social community, but their family and a source of their identity. Sharing each other’s work, food, troubles, and joys is part of the communal bonding that is ingrained in their everyday lifestyle. This tapestry measures 4' x 6' and is made out of wool.

This elegant wall tapestry honors the imperial horses of the Mogul Empire. These animals would be decorated with exotic jewels and were considered a symbol of wealth and royalty. This tapestry measures 2.5' x 4.5' and the material is cotton.

Elaborately decorated Indian elephants were also part of the royal entourage accompanying the Maharaja as he visited his countrymen in the days of the great Mogul Empire. This striking cotton tapestry with metallic and silk thread embroidery measures 3' x 3'.

Inspired artisans have captured the diversity of India’s landscape through the life and color of the exuberant Indian jungle in this colorful and exotic wall tapestry. This hand-embroidered textile is made with Resham silk, tiny mirrors and measures 3' x 6'. Three versions of this design are available, the first has vivid colors of orange, red and brown, one version of this Asian wall tapestry has colors of purple and green and the third slightly different design of the Jungle Animal Tapestry Fabric Wall Hanging has colors of cream, tan, red and plum.

Inspired by the ancient South Asian tradition of dowry, this tapestry is an excellent example of what tribal women in the Kutch region create and collect for their own marriage and which they later use to embellish their husbands’ homes. This hand embroidered textile measures 3' x 6' and the materials are Resham silk and cotton.

See more of these Asian wall tapestries which are made to order and ship within 4-6 weeks. Imperfections are common in hand made textiles and add to their uniqueness and charm.

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