Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome To Outdoor Wednesday!

I just visited Cathy @ The Stylish House and viewed the beautiful pictures she posted for Outdoor Wednesday. Being a HUGE lover of the outdoors myself, I headed over to the creator of this great idea, Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer (gorgeous flowers) to find out what Outdoor Wednesday is all about. So I decided I had to share my passion for natural beauty as well. After all, while we busily try to create beautiful spaces in our homes through decorating and design, just take a look at what God has done lately! Talk about the ultimate landscaper...

Pictures don't really capture how incredibly amazing this place is, especially that first look over the edge. You catch your breath and realize this is a moment in your life you will never ever forget.

Those tiny things on top of the rocks in the foreground are actually people. Just a little perspective on how imense the Grand Canyon really is. A rainstorm was moving through the canyon.

As the storm moved through the canyon, the colors would change every few seconds, giving the canyon an intense 3D effect. Probably the most beautiful and amazing minutes of my life...

If you look closely in the middle of this picture you will see a deer we saw grazing along the trail. I've been to both the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon. Too hard to pick a favorite. (These photos were taken at the South Rim.) It is one of my favorite places on Earth.


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Michelle! I am glad you joined us! The canyon is breathtakingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

debbie said...

Hello Michelle,
welcome to outdoor wednesday. i am fairly new myself but it is a great group of women.
Your pictures are so beautiful. My husband and I were there 2 years ago and you cannot look at that beauty and such intricate development and deny there is a God that created it.
My cousin Ginger just moved back to Oklahoma a few months ago after retiring. Her and her husband Butch lived there I know at least 15 years.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.
hugs and blessings

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Michelle, thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs of the Grand Canyon with us. I think that my favorite is the one with the people standing on that ledge. I love the colors in that and the architectural quality of the canyon itself. Just amazing. I've never been, but photos like this make we want to see it so much. We really do live in an amazing country with such variety in landscape.

So glad you joined us for Outdoor Wednesday. And speaking of which, hope yours is happy!


Sheila :-)

Still Learning said...

The Grand Canyon, wow!! Lucky lady, I'll bet that was just an awesome visit. Someday I would love to drive out there and visit. It must just be unreal. Thank you so much for sharing your photos, they were just beautiful.

Have a great day,


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Incredibly beautiful!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Hi Michelle!

What great photos of the Grand Canyon!! So majestic! I have wanted to go and see it in person for a long time!

Thanks for sharing your photos!

The Stylish House said...

Welcome to Outdoor Monday! I am so glad you joined in the fun. What magnificent photos you took. I visited many years ago, but did not go into the actual canyon. I have read about something called the Skywalk. I don’t think I would have the nerve to actually go out on it, but it would definitely give you a rush.

Mary said...

You've selected some magnificent scenery to share with us. I really like your photos. Have a wonderful day.

Michelle said...

great pics! I'm moving into a new place at the end of the month and will finally have a dining room. Only problem is, I don't have a dining room table! Let me know if you find any inexpensive deals on dining room sets! Thanks. : )

Liz said...

Amazing colors in these pictures!

Lani said...

Wow! Beautiful photos!