Monday, June 1, 2009

A Touch Of Copper

For centuries, copper has been used in our homes, both as a building material and for things like cookware, doorknobs, sinks, range hoods, bathtubs and counters. Copper has so many different uses, including being a popular material for stunning art and home decor.

For instance, the Lotus Day Bed and the Lotus Chair. These amazing pieces of furniture are made from gilded copper over metal. Ultra modern and totally unique, this furniture is cutting-edge in its design. These special order pieces are a big investment, but if you can afford it, they will last a lifetime.

The Copper Capiz Vases come in a set of two, with a hammered finish on the bottom and inlayed capiz accents.

The Indra Planter and Skandra Planter are large, deep planters made from crushed stone inlayed in fiberglass with copper leafing. They look beautiful as indoor or outdoor planters.

Copper tiles and copper panels make stunning wall displays in your home. The Rivet Wall Plates come in a set of three different sizes and have adjustable depth and display capabilities. This enables you to add texture and a three dimentional effect to the wall. Copper Studio Tiles are oxidized copper over powder coated metal, giving them a variety of unique designs, and some have inlayed capiz accents. You can purchase a set of 16, or buy them individually. Copper panels can also be purchased in a set of six or individually.

Copper sconces are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and add a warm touch of natural accent lighting to your walls.

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