Monday, May 25, 2009

Go Tropical With Eco-Friendly Furniture

Is it possible to decorate in style while trying to use renewable resources? The answer is absolutely! You just need to know where to look and what kind of materials are considered "renewable".

After learning that there is such a thing as "green" or "eco-friendly" decor and furniture last year, I set out to find a supplier that made this type of furniture. I came across a company called Padama's Plantation. Not only do they distribute beautiful, contemporary, tropical style furniture, they are also a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The SFC is a non-profit coalition of suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and designers that promote sustainable practices through networking and education.

Sustainable or renewable materials are plants such as bamboo, rattan and abaca that grow rapidly and have the ability to replenish themselves quickly. Harvesting these types of materials responsibly actually promotes regrowth. This helps limit any damage to the natural ecosystem. Padama's Plantation works closely with the manufacturers who use sustainable practices and makes a concerted effort to package their products in a way that maximizes space usage on containers to reduce the amount of transporting for these products.

The furniture that is made from these renewable, tropical plants, is classy and unique. There are pieces for every room, including bedroom furniture, livingroom furniture and diningroom furniture. Whether you just need a new tropical headboard or an entire bed with bedroom accessories, you can easily add texture and an exotic look to your bedroom with these tropical style furnishings.

Adding tropical style furniture to your livingroom is a great way to create a relaxing, contemporary space that resembles your favorite island resort. You can carry on this look and feel into your diningroom with tropical style dining tables, chairs and barstools. These furnishings bring a sense of nature indoors and there are several different fabric choices for the upholstry.

Going green with this classy yet comfortable tropical furniture has never been easier!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This Week's New Home Decor

Whether you're looking for items to decorate with around your home or if you're looking for a unique home decor gift for a special friend, check out these exciting new home decor items that are now available at HomeTreasureCove.

If you like Asian decor, you'll love our new Asian Ceramic Pedastals. These attractive, hand painted, ceramic pedastles stand 31 inches high, with an 8" x 8" platform for your favorite plant, vase or lamp. Choose from several different colors and designs.

For example, a hand blown art glass vase would look great on one of these ceramic pedastals. Preferably in a room that small children and kittys are banned or closely supervised! I'm sure my kitty Shadow would happily "remove" the vase to see how she looked adorning the top of the pedastal. One of these Oriental lamps or vases would go great also.

I also found these amazing little wooden fruit bowls that collapse flat for storeage. These would look adorable as a centerpiece on the diningroom table or bar and are perfect for a picnic. They also make a great gift, no one would guess it was a fruit bowl if it is wrapped while flat. These are fun and affordable! Choose from 5 different designs including a swan, apple, daisy, fish or dragon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Victorian Style Beaded Fringe Tiffany Lamps

The term "Victorian style" refers to the architecture, fashion and decorative arts influenced by the Victorian Era, the period of Queen Victoria's reign in the United Kingdom from 1837-1901. The eclectic style of the Victorian era included cross-cultural influences from the middle east and Asia. During the Victorian era, trends came about such as the Aesthetic Movement, Arts and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau Movement. Interior decor from this era was neat, orderly and very ornately decorated. Rooms such as the parlor and dinning room, where guests were usually entertained, were filled with art and decor. Plain or sparsely decorated rooms were considered poor taste.

The late 1800's and early 1900's were also the heyday of the original Tiffany lamps created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Many of his lamp designs were inspired by the Art Nouveau Movement. Most Tiffany reproduction lamps are famously known as lamps made with individual pieces of stained glass soldered together using the Copper Foil Method. A quality made stained glass Tiffany lamp is considered a work of art and well worth the money.

There are also the fabric and fringe and glass globe and fringe Victorian style Tiffany lamps. These beautiful, classy lamps add a sense of romance to the room and are slightly less expensive than most traditional stained glass Tiffany lamps.

The delicately beaded fringe that cascades from either the sleek glass domes or textured fabric shades, combined with traditional elegant Tiffany style bronze bases are what make these lamps so visually appealing. Placing a lace tablecloth under the lamp adds a nice finishing touch.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day Gifts

I hope all you Moms had a wonderful Mother's Day! I had a wonderful, relaxing, late afternoon/evening celebration with my family. They gave me some beautiful home decor gifts that have found a home on my desk. My daughter picked out a wonderful glass oil warmer. Although I have sold these for a couple of years, I have never bought one for myself. I usually burn incense or scented candles. I am so glad she picked an oil warmer because I absolutely love it. The oil is a tropical blend that smells like a tasty umbrella drink one would sip at the beach. Aromatherapy while I work is awesome!

Her father gave me a delicious scented candle, strawberry rhubarb pie. It's been years since I've eaten this type of pie and I remember how good it was. The candle came in an old fashioned looking ceramic jar that reminds me of the old coffee pot we used to take camping to make coffee right over the campfire. I love both yummy smelling gifts!

After a nice dinner at Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe at the Town Center in Las Vegas we relaxed at the Town Square Park, where I chatted on the phone with my mom. At one of the vendor kiosks, my daughter also picked out this beautiful dragonfly charm for me.

Thank you, my sweet family for such a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations and a very Happy Mother’s Day to Cathy Erickson!!! Cathy is the lucky winner of the Asian bamboo wall hanging. She chose “Blessings”.

This was my first giveaway and it feels great to be able to surprise one of my fellow blogging sisters with this gift. I can’t wait to do it again!! (Who knew giving could actually get addictive?!)

Cathy mentioned in her comment that she liked these wall hangings so much that if she was lucky enough to win, she would be tempted to buy the other three. Well, I’ve got a little surprise for her. When I came across her blog, The Stylish House, during The Ultimate Blog Party a couple of months ago, I was really impressed. When I learned she is an interior designer, I left a comment asking if she could give me some advise on a good interior design school. Even though we were complete strangers to each other at that time, Cathy was kind enough to send me a detailed email full of invaluable information on what qualifications I should look for in choosing a quality school and many other helpful tips about this career choice that only a talented professional in this field could provide. She has been so helpful to me. Cathy also generously shares her knowledge of interior design to her readers on her blog and “shares the love" by politely returning the favor to all who leave her comments. Cathy is also a loving and devoted mother to her beautiful daughter.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day and all her generous support, including spreading the news about my giveaway, Cathy will be receiving all four Asian wall hangings!

I’ll be sponsoring a giveaway each month. Add yourself as a follower so you don’t miss the next one. Followers will always be eligible to enter the drawings. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Eco-Friendly Bath Towels

Don’t miss out on my giveaway (see the post below)! Time is running out, you only have until 6:00 pm Saturday, May 9 to enter. So far, only 1 person has followed all the steps to enter the drawing so if you enter now, your chances of winning are really good!

I recently read a post in a forum about a lady who was needing help getting the smelly odor out of her towels because she had left them in the washing machine for a couple of days, forgetting to dry them. Cotton towels do begin to smell bad quickly if they get damp or wet and are left crumpled up. There is a better alternative for cotton towels, better for you and better for the environment.

Bamboo fiber bath towels are more absorbent than cotton towels, and have the silky softness of cashmere. These towels are anti-microbial, making them odor resistant. Naturally hypo-allergenic, bamboo bath towels are ideal for sensitive skin.

Our bamboo bath towels are made by Pure Fiber, an eco-friendly manufacturer. Bamboo itself is known as a natural renewable resource because of how fast this amazing plant grows. Harvesting it helps promote regrowth. Pure Fiber makes every effort to reduce the impact on the environment by increasing efficiency of production to reduce energy and water consumption, using efficient dye and not using harsh chemicals or brighteners.

So go easy on the cotton and experience these soft, absorbent bath towels, available in a variety of vivid colors.