Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Spring is a great time to start planning how you can improve your backyard to create a peaceful and relaxing outdoor oasis for your whole family. Here are some tips to get you going.

Its always a good idea to clear away any leftover leaves and dead plant debris from the fall and winter. Do your research before planting new shrubs, trees or flowers. Find out which type of plants you should start in the spring months and make sure you leave adequate space in between plants for growth. Try to reuse what you already have. Old wooden trellises or planters can often look like new again with some sanding, staining or painting.

A great way to create a natural garden in your yard is to plant fruit trees, flowers and shrubs that attract wildlife. Many of these creatures are not only fun to watch, but are also beneficial as well. Dragonflies, spiders and lady bugs feed on harmful, plant eating pests like aphids and mites. Frogs, toads and lizards also help control insects like pesky houseflies and mosquitoes. Bees and butterflies help with pollenation and earthworms help aerate the soil and attract birds.

To attract more birds, try hanging decorative birdfeeders from your trees. Find out which species are native to your area and what type of bird seed they like to feed on. Hang a hummingbird feeder to attract these tiny, amazing little birds. Birdhouses and birdbaths also help attract birds to your yard.

An affordable, comfortable way to enjoy your garden oasis is on a hammock or garden swing chair. Nothing could be better on a lazy summer afternoon. If you plan on alot of backyard entertaining, quality outdoor furniture is a must. Teak wood and cedar wood outdoor furniture make an excellent choice. Teak wood has an average life span of 75 years and can withstand harsh weather. It also weathers to a beautiful silvery gray color when left untreated. Cedar also handles weather well and is naturally resistant to insect damage and decay.

Add the finishing touch to your garden with decorative garden accessories such as garden flags, decorative stones, outdoor fountains, lanterns and statues. Your backyard oasis can be done over time if you're on a budget. Yard work is a great way to get excercise, sunshine and fresh air. Get the whole family involved and enjoy it together!


Stone Veneer said...

This are very creative! Thanks for sharing, this will surely make your backyard really great.

Mike said...

My wife loves flowers. I love weeds—gives me the chance to whack them (can't do that with flowers, right?)


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The Stylish House said...

Hi Michelle,
When you can, please stop by my blog a look at the post “Twice As Nice”. The reason is, because I am giving you the Attitude Of Gratitude Award! I get to pass it on to a few people and you were the first person that came to mind. I am happy I met you and hope someday we can actually visit in person. I hope you are doing well. Give your sweet daughter a hug for me. ~Cathy~