Monday, January 19, 2009

Oriental Lamps

Add an exotic touch to your home with any of these beautiful oriental lamp designs. This collection of table lamps, floor lamps and hanging lamps are all made and imported from China. Each design is unique and can easily work with a variety of contemporary settings.

Bamboo Rattan Hanging Lamp
Asian style with several different designs, these bamboo rattan hanging lamps will light any room! With tough bamboo rattan framework and circular rice paper lanterns, these fire resistant lights shine throughout the house with a tropical, exotic feel. Lamp measures 16 inches high x 8 inches high. UL approved. 12 foot electrical cord included.

Asian Design Wooden Lamp
Asian style and fully functional, this wooden desk or table lamp makes a classy oriental style home accessory. With circular rice paper lanterns, these fire resistant lights look great in a home office or bedroom. Light is controlled by a dimmer switch. Lamp measures 16 inches high x 14 inches long x 5 inches wide. UL approved.

Oriental Floor Lamps
Choose from four different and unusual designs. These stylish oriental floor lamps look great in any room. The architecture column floor lamp is approximately 59 inches high and 8 3/4 wide, and features dark wood with beige and brown paneling underneath a golden pattern on all four sides and has two drawers.

The opera style lamp and wavy style floor lamp measure 56 inches high x 15 inches wide, and feature a hand woven and fire retardant design. Includes a foot control switch and extension cord measuring 15 feet. UL approved.

Approximately 50 inches high, the water well floor lamp features two dark wooden posts resembling a hanging water well. Lights cast a soft orange glow, and the lanterns operate on a dimmer switch. Lanterns are beige in color with faint brown detailing, and measure 23 inches long by 10 inches wide.

Paper Hanging Lantern
Chinese paper hanging lanterns are a colorful and festive way to decorate indoors or outdoors for parties and special occasions. They are also great for everyday use for a splash of color and texture for any room in your home. Choose from different styles and sizes. Twelve foot electrical cord sold separately.

Ceramic Oriental Table Lamps
These classy ceramic oriental style table lamps come in a variety of colors and designs. Each comes with a matching shade and they are 28 inches tall. These lamps work well with many contemporary design schemes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tropical Decorating Collections

Our contemporary, tropical style home decor and furniture from Padama’s Plantation comes in a variety of classy collections. If you’re looking for a fresh new contemporary look for your bedroom, livingroom or diningroom, take a look at these tropical inspired collections.

Seagrass hues combined with warm, rich natural tones and embellished with pineapples, this distinctive collection welcomes your guests with island inspired warmth. Beveled glass is included with the unique texture of the pineapple dinning table. Upholstered removable seats for future recovering are included with the dining chairs and barstools. Multiple fabric choices are available.

This classic collection has been a popular best seller for Padama’s Plantation. Uniquely shaped, the Bali Collection has the natural texture of herringbone rattan peel, a rattan core and solid hardwood legs. Pieces in this collection include the Bali End Table, Bali Wing Bed, Bali Loveseat, Bali Chair, Bali Pot-Bellied Table and Bali Ottoman.

Durable natural fibers woven over a metal frame make the dining and bar pieces in this collection stylish, functional and strong. Rattan pole and leather bindings come together to create an almost indestructible frame. The chairs and swivel bar stools come with removable seats for future recovering and have multiple fabric choices.

Made from Plantation grown hardwood and Abaca, the Carribean Breeze Collection is a great choice for a contemporary livingroom. The pieces in this collection are so versatile, you can create a variety of different sectionals, combining the single chair, loveseat, corner piece and the chaise lounge.

Stunning in it’s simplicity, the Nikko Collection combines natural bamboo and sleek black Plantation hardwood. The bamboo is spaced as it would grow in the wild, bringing a natural element into your home. Due to its wild and beautiful nature, bamboo varies in size, shape and structure, making each piece in this collection unique.

For more tropical inspired, contemporary furniture collections from Padama’s Plantation, visit our contemporary furniture pages. For more information or questions about ordering furniture for home delivery, email