Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fashionable Home Decor

Our beautiful new decorative throws, called Pashmina Shawls, have a dual purpose. Made from the fine, downy wool of the Kashmir goat, these shawls are luxuriously soft and warm. Their soft texture makes it easy to fold them into almost any shape. They make an excellent bedding throw or can be elegantly draped over a sofa or chair for an extra splash of color and texture.

Kashmir goats are indigenous to the Himalayan region. Their soft, silky fleece acts as a protective layer against the extreme cold. Tribal artisans practice the age old tradition of weaving these shawls, which have become a sign of style, luxury and elegance throughout the world. They are vibrantly colored textiles with rich, vivid motifs woven in them. These wool shawls are thin, finely woven, lightweight yet still warm. These unique, handmade items are shipped directly from South Asia.

More than just a home accessory, Pashmina Shawls can also be worn as a fashionable wardrobe accessory. Perfect for a stroll on a brisk day or as a cozy wrap on cool evenings, these versatile shawls make a great accessory for you and your home.

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