Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fashionable Home Decor

Our beautiful new decorative throws, called Pashmina Shawls, have a dual purpose. Made from the fine, downy wool of the Kashmir goat, these shawls are luxuriously soft and warm. Their soft texture makes it easy to fold them into almost any shape. They make an excellent bedding throw or can be elegantly draped over a sofa or chair for an extra splash of color and texture.

Kashmir goats are indigenous to the Himalayan region. Their soft, silky fleece acts as a protective layer against the extreme cold. Tribal artisans practice the age old tradition of weaving these shawls, which have become a sign of style, luxury and elegance throughout the world. They are vibrantly colored textiles with rich, vivid motifs woven in them. These wool shawls are thin, finely woven, lightweight yet still warm. These unique, handmade items are shipped directly from South Asia.

More than just a home accessory, Pashmina Shawls can also be worn as a fashionable wardrobe accessory. Perfect for a stroll on a brisk day or as a cozy wrap on cool evenings, these versatile shawls make a great accessory for you and your home.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Affordable Livingroom Make Overs

If you want a new look in your livingroom but can’t afford to replace your existing furniture, there are some easy and affordable alternatives to update your living space.

Painting the walls with a new color is always a great place to start. However, if this is not an option, there are other ways to enhance your walls with color and texture. Three dimensional metal wall art is a great way of adding depth and texture to your wall. There are many different designs and colors to choose from, including the very popular contemporary look of copper tiles and copper panels. Wall sconces that hold candles are perfect for adding subtle light and a cozy atmosphere to the room. Mirrors are another way to add light and dimension. A fabric wall tapestry can help add color and texture to a plain wall.

For sofas, loveseats and over stuffed chairs, slipcovers can give you a great new look for a lot less than new furniture. If you like the upholstery on your livingroom furniture and just want to enhance it, try adding some decorative pillows and throws. These accessories come in so many different designs, textures and colors that the possibilities are endless. There are different techniques for arranging and displaying decorative pillows and throws. Have fun experimenting with different looks.

Of course there are many other kinds of home accents and accessories that can help you achieve a new look in your livingroom. Area rugs add color and texture to the floors. A new floor lamp can be decorative as well as functional. Living plants are a natural way to add color and texture while helping the air quality of the room. An indoor fountain gives the calm, soothing sound of running water. Blown art glass makes an excellent conversation piece for a table, shelf or mantel. Candles and decorative candle holders are great for accent lighting, aroma therapy, and for contrasting color.

Updating your livingroom can be affordable and can be done over time if necessary. You can also rotate your home decor and accessories to achieve multiple looks.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Affordable Home Decor Gifts

During these challenging economic times, finding a unique and affordable home decor gift is a good idea. Here are some holiday home decor gift ideas that are under $50.00.
Handmade rustic decor makes a unique and heartwarming gift. Custom or handmade rustic decor can get very expensive but you can also find this type of decor at very reasonable prices if you know where to look. The following rustic gift ideas are from rustic artist Kendal VonFeldt.
Kendal hand picks the raw materials she uses to make her rustic decor such as Pine, Aspen, driftwood, moss and feathers from the rugged Rocky mountain forests. She collects standing dead wood, which helps promote the growth of living trees.

Driftwood Log Cabin– These adorable little log cabins are handmade out of pine and driftwood.

Rustic Leather Canoe Ornament– A great addition for a rustic style Christmas tree, these cool little canoes can be hung just about anywhere! Available in three different designs.

3 Bottle Specialty Aspen Wine Rack– Handcrafted and Hand Selected Apsen Wine Bottle Holder. Beautiful Markings. Holds up to 3 bottles. Each one is unique. Natural art at its best. Makes a great table centerpiece.

Barbed Wire Cedar Fence Post Candle Holder--Rustic candle holder hand made from antique cedar fence posts, wrapped with a strand of antique barbed wire. These unique candle holders are made using reclaimed materials found on old farms and ranches.

Hand blown art glass is another unique home decor gift idea. These amazing works of art are created by talented glass blowers and make a great conversation piece.

Handblown Art Glass Vase– This fabulous art glass vase measures approximately 10'' tall x 6'' wide. The bottom of this piece is polished flat to stand beautifully.

Purple & Blue Hand Cut & Polished Art Glass Sommerso Vase– This elegant art glass multifaceted cut sommerso vase measures approximately 7'' tall and 4.5'' wide. Sommerso- a stunning technique where the individual colors are overlapping each other in different layers, framed with the clear crystal glass. The bottom of this piece is polished flat to stand beautifully.

Handblown Art Glass Sea Shell Sculpture– This elegantly handcrafted art glass sea shell sculpture measures approximately 8'' tall x 10" wide. The bottom of the piece is polished flat to stand beautifully.

Elegant Handblown Art Glass Red & White Bowl– This lovely red & white art glass bowl measures approximately 10'' wide x 4'' tall. The bottom of this piece is polished flat to stand beautifully.

Touch lamps make a great gift for anyone and are very affordable. Here are some of our newest designs of touch lamps.

Jonas Brothers touch lamp- If you’ve got a tween daughter, this is the gift for her! 24" tall, 3 - 15 watt bulbs, brass base and shade - 1 yr warranty on touch sensor.

Lilies on white glass touch lamp– This is a truly elegant lamp. Polish brass finishedUses 3 candelabra base bulbs, 25 watt max. 24" tall - 3 15 watt bulbs - 1 yr warranty on touch sensor.

Simpsons touch lamp– Young and old alike, any Simpsons fan would love this lamp! Polished brass, chrome or brushed finish.

Open Rose-Red touch lamp– This unique rose-shaped lamp makes a beautiful and unusual gift. These lamps have a 3-way touch sensors. They use a regular 1-way light bulb. Lamps are brass plated with glass shades.