Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas Part IV–Asian Decor & Gifts

Asian decor is a popular design theme. Asia covers a large area of the world and includes many different countries and cultures. Asian decor comes in a wide variety of exotic and unique schemes, including oriental, middle Eastern and East Indian designs.

Oriental style gifts and decor have influences from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. If you’re not able to travel abroad to find these treasures, many can be found imported in boutiques and online. Here are some great items imported from China that would make excellent gifts.

Hand Crafted Chinese Bamboo Fans–These beautiful and exotic large oriental fans are hand painted with watercolors and have bamboo frames. Opening up to 60 inches, they make a great display on any wall in your home.

Rosewood Jade Decorated Wall Hangings–Made from elegant rosewood, these wall hangings feature four Asian flowers, Mum, Orchid, Cherry Blossom and Bamboo. They look great individually or displayed together in a group. Save when you buy all four.

Calligraphy Dinnerware Set–Rounded triangular ceramic plates embellished with Chinese characters in two sizes, 10.5 inches and 8 inches. Also included is a 5.75 inch ceramic bowl. Available in black or white. A unique, very affordable gift.

Square Bamboo Wood Wall Hangings–Another very affordable gift, these bamboo wall hangings add just the Oriental touch your home is looking for. Carved with raised lettering and measuring 10 inches by 10 inches, these decorative pieces will fit just about anywhere and come in 4 different styles. The Chinese characters represent Love, Happiness, Wisdom and Blessing.

Oriental Tea Sets–These exotic little tea sets are available in blue or black ceramic floral designs, and the Traditional Set comes with a large steam tray that holds steaming hot water to keep your tea warm. For a truly elegant gift, we have an authentic Jade Tea Set that comes with a beautiful gold and wood base.


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