Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adding Modern Contemporary Decor To Your Home

There are so many different choices when decorating with a modern or contemporary theme. Just as in the fashion industry, designers of decor and furniture are continuously creating new and unique designs.

Many new designs in home decor mix modern art with home decorating. Texture is popular and important element in creating decor with a unique look and feel. Wall art that has dimension and texture is one of the hottest trends today. A great example of this is 3-D etched metal wall art. There are many designers and artists using metal to create stunning wall art. Copper is a popular element used in metal wall art. Beautiful and unusual designs are achieved by oxidizing copper leaf over powder coated metal.

Sculpture is another popular element in contemporary decorating. There are endless choices in materials, colors and designs in sculpture. Everything from the smooth, sleek lines of glass, ceramic and metal to the rich textures found in natural elements and materials. Blown art glass is an ancient art form that continues to captivate collectors and decorators. Watching a seasoned glass blower create these wondrous works of art is fascinating.

There is also an abundance of choice in contemporary furniture designs. It can range from ultra sophisticated to ultra casual. Sleek lines and cutting edge designs are often found in what’s called modern furniture. Ironically, modern furniture often has a retro design or look. Natural elements that add texture and bring a sense of nature indoors are common in tropical decorating. Tropical themes are very popular in contemporary furniture and a growing trend is eco-friendly or green furniture. This style of furniture is usually made from renewable resources like bamboo, rattan and abaca and gives the room a casual, relaxed atmosphere, much like a tropical resort.

The next best thing to the flexibility of contemporary decorating is the wide range of prices. Contemporary decor has something for every budget. Exploring your creative side has never been more fun, inspiring and exciting.

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