Monday, July 14, 2008

Decorating with Copper

Copper is a fascinating material when you really stop to think about it. Copper is a chemical element, with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29 on the Periodic Table. It is a ductile metal with many valuable uses as a heat conductor, electrical conductor and building material. It is also an essential trace nutrient found in many plants and animals. Who knew copper could be and do so many things!
Copper has even been referred to as a "green" metal because of its many uses as a building material. Everything from plumbing tubes, electrical wiring, roofing and gutters, it can easily be recycled and used over and over again. Copper roofing shingles are known for being durable, low maintenance, light-weight, easy to install and have high recycled content. Copper shingles and copper sheet roofs have been known to last 100 years or longer. Many homeowners are opting for copper roofs, not only because of its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, but also for it’s visual appeal. Over time, as copper is exposed to the elements, it develops a natural protective film called patina which turns the shiny red color to a blue-green or brown coating that protects it from deteriorating.
While copper has been around for centuries in our homes, used in everything from cookware to more recently, plumbing and wiring, copper is gaining popularity as an art form and can be made into stunning home decor.
Our new copper art home decor comes from Texture Home Decor by Padama’s Plantation. These beautiful copper pieces are available as copper tiles, copper panels, copper discs, copper vases, copper wall art, sconces and more. Explore different ways you can use copper to beautify your home inside and out.

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