Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rustic & Western Decorating

One of the most popular design schemes today is rustic and western. Rustic decor is usually anything that is hand made, having many different influences such as colonial, Victorian and western.
Western decor reflects the rich history of the Old West, ranch style living and is also heavily influenced by Native American art and culture. It is the design scheme of choice for ranch style homes, log homes and cabins and the lodges of our National Parks. There are also different variations, such as Southwestern decor, which incorporates the warm earthy tones of the desert environment, with a lot of Mexican and Native American influences. In the Pacific Northwest, the decor reflects the cooler tones of the rainforests and the coastal lifestyle.
Rustic and western decor is more than just a design scheme. In many cases, it is a lifestyle as well. It reflects the passion one feels for the country, the history of their area, of their culture.
The appeal is also having furniture and decor that is handmade. We all love knowing we own something that is unique or one of a kind. Usually, more care is paid to the fine details.
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