Sunday, April 20, 2008

Choosing Quality Outdoor Furniture

When deciding what type of outdoor furniture would look stylish as well as surviving through weather extremes, material and craftsmanship are key factors. It’s important to choose quality, well made furniture that can stand up to the elements.
One of the best choices for quality outdoor wood furniture is teak. Even untreated, this sturdy hardwood can survive years of the harshest weather conditions, with an average life span of 75 years. Teak is naturally resistant to water, warping and weather. Over time, it gracefully ages to a beautiful soft silver color. Or, if you prefer the "new" look, just apply teak oil to the wood once or twice a year.
Rattan is another good choice for quality outdoor and indoor furniture. All-weather rattan is the choice for outdoor furniture. Made from the very best synthetic fiber, all-weather rattan is maintenance free and can be left outside year round. The color runs through the fiber, so you never have to worry about it flaking or peeling. Natural rattan is a good choice for fine quality indoor furniture.
Some of the finest teak and rattan are grown in Indonesia. Our supplier of this quality outdoor furniture, Jewels of Java, works closely with Perum Perhutani, the state owned agency that oversees the conservation of the Indonesian teak forest. For every tree that is harvested, a new tree is planted. Only a limited number of trees can be harvested each year, with strict controls on their size and maturity. Jewels of Java is also helping to support the local Indonesian community by providing a positive and professional factory work environment for the highly skilled craftsmen that they employ.
Take a look at our selection of quality outdoor teak furniture. This outdoor furniture is built to last a lifetime, so paying a little more for high quality and craftsmanship the first time will actually save you money in the long run, instead of having to replace cheaper outdoor furniture that couldn’t hold up to Mother Nature.

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