Thursday, March 6, 2008

Decorating With Collectibles

One of the most popular hobbies today is the hobby of collecting. Collecting is usually a very personal endeavor, ranging from stamps to automobiles and just about everything in between. For those new to collecting, there are numerous magazines on the subject such as Collectors News and Antiques & Collectibles. There might also be a local club or group one can join to share experiences and knowledge on their particular collections. Online forums and chats are another great way to communicate with like minded collectors from different regions.
When decorating with collectibles, there are many options to chose from. First to consider is the size of the collection. This could range from a few select items that could fit on the fireplace mantle, to a collection so large that it would require an entire room to display it all. Try to keep it focused, whether it’s a collection from a certain artist, a certain era, a certain theme, a certain brand, etc. Otherwise, the collection may be confused with a bunch of unorganized clutter. If you have more than one collection, display them in different rooms.
Caring for your collectibles is as important as how you display them. In fact, to avoid dust and dirt, many collectors use frames and display cases with protective glass. Items such as collector plates should never be put in the dishwasher. Porcelain and glass collectibles should be hand washed using warm water and a mild soap. Hand painted items should be kept out of direct sunlight and should be handled as little as possible to avoid being damaged..
Its always a good idea to keep detailed accurate records when starting a collection, including the purchase date, where you bought it and price. Photos or video are recommended as well. This is important information for prospective buyers as well as insurance appraisers. Also be sure to keep all written material, certificates, receipts, care and handling instructions, etc. This is vital information for replacement or resale of valuable collections.
To see some examples of classic American collectibles, visit . Here you can find collectible items from Coca-Cola, John Deere, My Little Kitchen Fairies, Jim Shore Heartwood Creek, and other classic American decor.


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windycindy said...

Hi! Wonderful site! I love to decorate and I like country and primitive decor. Thanks,Cindi

Lesley said...

Hi, I love Jim Shore, and have a few of his pieces. I have always collected different things, teddy bears, dalmatians, fabric. Even my house is a collector -- it collects dust. LOL
Have a good day.


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Hello there!
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