Monday, February 25, 2008

Lighting Your Home

One of the most fundamental elements of any home is light. From the natural light of the sun that enters our home through windows, doors and skylights, to recessed lighting and overhead lamps, there are many different and decorative ways to solve the problem of sitting in the dark.
The sun is usually the source of daytime lighting in our home. If you love lots of bright natural light during the day, this can easily be achieved by strategically placing large windows along one wall or installing skylights in the ceiling where you want extra light. In addition to extra light, windows and skylights allow the sun to warm our homes naturally using solar heat. While this can be an advantage during the winter months, you may need sufficient window coverings for the summer months that allow some light in but keep most of the heat out.
For artificial light, there are basically three types of lighting. These include general, task and accent.
General lighting consists of chandeliers, fan lights, ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and recessed downlights, providing adequate illumination for the room or area.
Task lighting can include lighted mirrors or vanities, desk lamps, floor lamps positioned near furniture for reading and track lighting in the kitchen for cooking and cleaning tasks.
Accent lighting can be achieved by unique table and desk lamps, floor lamps, torchiers, recessed lighting, candles, lanterns and landscape lighting. Different moods or atmospheres are created using dimmer switches and bulb types.
When planning how you want to light different areas of your home, consider each room individually. The lighting requirements will depend on factors such as what type of activity goes on, what style and atmosphere are you trying to create, what tasks need to be performed, where will people sit, and what objects in the room do you want to emphasize. Lighting plays an extremely important role in creating the overall mood of any room.
For more tips on how to light different rooms in your home, go to and read the section on "Tips on lighting your home".

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