Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adding Style and Color With Hand Blown Art Glass

Glassblowing started around 50 B.C. with the Phoenicians and spread under the Roman Empire. It has evolved into what is today an art form requiring a lot of training, skill and intense concentration. Many individuals pursue glassblowing as a hobby and it happens to be one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America.
Modern art glass comes in as many shapes, designs and colors as you can imagine. Some of the patterns and designs created during this complicated process of heating, cooling, cutting, rolling and blowing are absolutely breathtaking. It is fascinating to watch an expert glassblower transform ordinary looking glass into a true work of art.
Art glass can be stunning as a collection, or as an individual piece. It takes the form of sculptures, vases, candle holders, perfume bottles, bowls, plates, paperweights, ashtrays and more. Art glass also makes a great and unusual gift.
Browse through our collection of hand blown art glass at . These colorful, unique works of art will work with many different styles of decor and look great in any room. A word of caution though, collecting art glass can be addictive!

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